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Tien Linh needs a fire


When coach Tien Linh Park Hang-seo jumped out to replace England in the opening match with the hosts of Laos 8-11, many people feel surprised because the young striker B. Binh Duong turned out to be worse compared to Van Toana or Ha Duc Chinha, a longtime a striker from the team under the South Korean strategist.

Focusing on the preparation for the AFF 2018 Cup, Tien Linh often resembles Park's coach, more perpetrators than other attackers. That is why many people think that Tien Linh is at risk of being eliminated, as did three months ago when a 60-year-old coach named the Olympic team in Vietnam ASIAD 2018. Even before the end of the weekend, Tien Linh Trauma, the more people believe that this young the attacker was again late for meeting the team.

Tien Linh needs a fire - picture 1.

Tien Linh (left) is Park Hang-seo trainer expecting to create a mutation, playing more drastically. Photo: Duc Anh

However, eventually the Korean teacher decided to trust Tien Linh, scored goals scored many goals in the V-League 2018 and highly appreciated the ability to advance in the future. . Dinh coach Hong Vinh, who had a lot of contact with Tien Linh, when he was assistant coach U20 Vietnam U20 World Cup 2017, commented: "I and Hoang Anh Tuan Tien Linh, quite versatile attacker, still has a weak point that the spirit of competition is not so really a bloody fire when it's necessary, I've talked many times, Tien Linh advised. Trying to correct it, certainly later, Vietnamese football will have a "killer" no less than Huynh Duc, Cong Vinh, Anh Duc … ".

Indeed, in relation to Laos, since the arrival of Tien Linh, this player has become the central point of the hang-out of the coach park. Even the Korean military leaders also approached the border, constantly calling for the name and sign demanded that Tien Linh fought more drastically. In response, Tien Linh, like the risk expressed in the acceleration situation, puts people and quickly ends.

Le Tien Linh left so difficult for the defenders, but he did not score, but Binh Duong striker caught up with the team and more confident. Thanks to the professional praise and confidence of the Hang-seo coach, when he understands the students' weakness for the continuous transfer of fire, Tien Linh has many opportunities to show. It is important that this young striker needs goals to create a good psychological impulse for a long-term campaign on the AFF Cup 2018.

Screams a flare if you can not get tickets

November 11-11, the official tournament of Malaysia – Vietnam officially opened tickets in two places: My Dinh stadium and the seat of the Vietnamese Football Federation. It is worth mentioning that some famous fans left a scandalous picture when buying tickets for VFF. "They said if they did not sell enough tickets, they would burn the flares at My Dinh stadium so that VFF could not be fined, we can not understand them," said a VFF member.

Many people insisted on queuing up at My Dinh Stadium from 10 to 11 nights, but some objects got scared and threw out. In addition, although BTC announced that it will sell 9,000 tickets, but according to many people, when the new sale of about 4,000 tickets, BTC announced a ticket. Many people have tried to circle BTC vehicles to protest, causing chaos.

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