Saturday , June 12 2021

This is in the "Vietnam Vietnam" project, but why see the new MV Bich Phuong to see the full color "one thousand and one night"?

"My sister got up" is the last MV in the heart of the Vietnam Vietnam project that Bich Phuong has been cultivating over the past two years. This project was made by Bich Phuong and a crew of 3 songs, accompanied by 3 MV with a Vietnamese stamp from music to image, with the desire to preserve and spread the traditional culture of the country in the context. The Vpop market is influenced by international culture.

It can be said that the two MVs that debuted as "Love each other, do not hurt my heart" and "The Spell of Love" are the true spirit of the project. Both have modern music that combines the sounds of traditional musical instruments, and visuals contain the ingenuity of Vietnamese culture, from costumes to everyday activities. .

In "Do not hurt my heart," the band introduced the majestic scenery of the Ban Gioc waterfall (Cao Bang) through the improved stage, at the same time transferring national culture by repeating the crowd. A traditional Dao wedding … In the "lovers in love" traditional values ​​of Vietnamese as embroidery, hawkers, playing umbrellas … are transmitted quite well.

"Love Bubble" – Bich Phuong

MV "Love each other, do not hurt my heart" – Bich Phuong

However, MV "Podnosisz mnie" again hinders understanding "deviation" of the image compared to the previous two products. Instead of expecting it to continue with the Vietnamese image, this MV will be directed by Kien Ung and creative director Denis Dang to create an Indian concept with color … "one thousand and one night".

MV You Raise Me – Bich Phuong

First of all, it's about building the context. It is obvious that rooms in the MV have at the same time the architecture of the dome, a window lined with colored glass and the design of the country of Persia. They are all decorated with great strength, wonderful and wonderful.

Next is makeup and costumes by Bich Phuong and actors in MV. All of them are deep set, with a low button, click on the lips with special symbols such as red dots or pearls between the center of the face. In addition to that, in addition to Bich Phuong, most of the other characters in the "sister", especially the traditional dress of girls KiNa in India with a curtain. Male lead in silver in MV also bears curls on both sides of Indian boys.

Located in the Vietnam Vietnam project, but see the new MV at Bich Phuong to see the whole moon a thousand one night? - Picture 5.

Costumes and make-up of the MV-colored character in the Middle East.

Located in the Vietnam Vietnam project, but see the new MV at Bich Phuong to see the whole moon a thousand one night? - Picture 6.

Architecture and patterns of Persian thrill in the main stages.

Located in the Vietnam Vietnam project, but see the new MV at Bich Phuong to see the whole moon a thousand one night? Picture 7.

The term "snake" refers to Indian culture.

The image of a child's dragon is rated as modeled on Western mythological films.

Many viewers shared the fact that after the trailer of Bich Phuong they linked this product with the version of "update" of the story from the Cam story. Because it is part of the Vietnamese culture, which is closest to the meaning of the sister title of the song title. If the plot of the content is based on the concept of Cam Pha, perhaps the band will bring an interesting color to this known story and easy introduction of the Vietnamese folk scene as part of the project.

If you overlook the general appearance, this project really does not bear the seal of Vietnam. Under the title "Sister Lift Up", the band was intrigued by the famous Vietnamese idiom to create an interesting theme in music. The content of the song focuses on the feelings of the sisters, each other in life. It is a beautiful culture of our people from the past, which can be seen in fairy tales.

In general, most viewers still applaud Bich Phuong and the crew with MV quality, in the November vpop race, which is considered a completely different taste in terms of listening and watching compared to the general premieres of products at the end of the year.

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