Thursday , January 21 2021

The Prime Minister: Stop the operation if the automatic toll collection does not ‘stop’ | Society

President of the Permanent Meeting of the Government on Measures to Eliminate Traffic Difficulties, Problems and Inadequacies in BOT Projects, Including Toll Recovery on November 25, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Fuch said that non-stop tax collection contributes to transparency and good revenue management. So far, BOT stations have basically installed toll collection non-stop, there are only a few stations left, so it is necessary to try more despite the objective difficulties.

The Prime Minister said that the Ministry of Transport must direct investors in the project for automatic toll collection to drastically accelerate the installation of toll collection equipment according to the plan, providing by December 31st. 2020 will be put into operation throughout the country. The Prime Minister welcomed some investors to the relentless project of automatic toll collection, which was very determined to deploy in recent years, “working day and night.”

At the same time, investors in BOT urgently coordinate with the non-stop payment service provider to install the automatic payment equipment, if by December 31, 2020, the toll station is still not operating. The Ministry of Transport will decide to stop the toll collection activities, in accordance with the provisions of the law.

For some stations for which the Ministry of Transport is not expected to collect tolls, the Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Transport to assume the main responsibility for and coordinate with the relevant agencies for close, comprehensive assessment, proposing solutions, including clarification of legal bases and competencies and report them to the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister: Stop the operation if the automatic toll collection does not 'stop' - Figure 1
Automatic toll collection does not stop

The Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Transport to promote the sticking of terminal cards on vehicles in traffic, focusing on propaganda for people and vehicle owners to use the automatic toll collection service (currently more than 3.8 million cars and 500,000 cars per year).

The Ministry of Public Security instructs the traffic police forces to coordinate with the BOT project management units and the providers of automatic toll collection services not to stop extracting data at toll stations without interruption to punish the methods. if you do not stick to automatic toll cards, but go to automatic toll lanes, obstructing traffic; provide information on the sanction of the Ministry of Information and Communications and the press agencies to propagate in front of people, business entities and to condemn irregularities.

Regarding the transport BOT investment, the Prime Minister stressed the spirit of promoting the socialization of resources, especially in the context that the state budget is still facing many difficulties and the need for infrastructure development is huge. Facing the current shortcomings, it is necessary to deal calmly, strictly according to the provisions of the law, to properly and fully perform the functions and powers, to study and consider securing the interests of the state, the people and investors. .

For some problems in the transport BOT projects, first of all, the Prime Minister clearly stated the principles of compliance with the signed BOT agreement; For projects with real difficulties due to objective factors, the Ministry of Transport will carefully consider each case and report to the Government for solutions.

The investor demands to pay the project for toll collection without stopping: Taking the state as a “hostage”?

The reason why the investor BOT does not hand over the toll booth and the number of uninterrupted toll cards (ETC) is only 10%, just mentioned the unit that installs and manages the automatic toll collection system ETC. Recommend to stop the project. However, many traffic experts and even management agencies say it is not possible for investors to stop the project and “take the country hostage”.

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