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The police say about the CSGT clip "receding" when talking to people


Friday, 9/11/2018, 12:00 PM (GMT + 7)

In the Facebook social network, he shares a lot about police security clip Quoc Nhon (Binh Dinh) struggling with some people on the road. Especially in the clip, the scene of the police reporter "falling" unexpectedly appears, while the conversation with young people seems to interfere with the duty.

According to the contents, during a traffic accident at night in Quyi City (Binh Dinh province), a car accident scene suddenly hit.

According to the clip, the police kept the young man in check. Previously, he constantly argued with the police and did not keep the motor on the road. Another young man who takes the phone back to the incident, also quarrelsome, struggles with CSGT.

"Where's the plate, I asked him where the billboard is, I turned around, and the other car you do not get in, this car violates it," the young man asked CSGT.

The police are talking about the CSGT & # 39; while talking to people - 1

Young men are constantly talking to the traffic police. Photo: cut from the clip

In particular, during the incident, standing next to a conversation with young men, suddenly there was a traffic accident, immediately young men pointing to the traffic police and constantly shouting: See? You see? "I do not do anything wrong … Then the young man was placed in the middle of the road and then picked up.

After the dissemination of the clip in the social network attracted millions of viewers, thousands of actions, comments. In it, many negative comments in the negative direction negatively affect the image of communist soldiers.

The police are talking about the CSGT & # 39; talking to people - 2

Both sides struggled, talking to each other tense. Photo: cut from the clip

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Huynh Du Phi Long, police chief at Quy Nhon City (Binh Dinh), said he had heard about the incident, and watched the video spread to social networks.

According to Long, in the original report, on the evening of November 7, there was an accident between two motorcycles on Dien Hong Road (Qiu Nhon City). However, when the traffic police in Quy Nhon City are operating, a motorcycle accident has escaped, leaving only a victim with a motorcycle. When the traffic police put a motorcycle in a police car to solve the problem, two people on the road seem to disturb the duty person.

"While the victim had no idea, the two young men had nothing to do with the accident and had a drunk expression, repeatedly demanding to find a car accident that escaped to take him, this car to the headquarters." Although he, I explained, but the two still They were not objectionable, they did not allow the police to take the car in. From that point on, the tension between the ECG and these two people comes, "Long said.

The police are talking about the CSGT & # 39; when talking to people - 3

Young men are controlled. Pictures: Cut from the clip

Now police Nhu Quy Nhon has found a car that caused an accident with the driver and was taken to the police headquarters.

"Especially about the CSGT fallen test in the clip is not very clear, it's not clear how we do not know each other, slipping or slamming in the elbow of the other, I will work with you to check things out.

I also direct the attitude to deal with your work at this time, what is the violation? As for the act of disturbing, the person who is on duty is also taken into account, how much to deal with, "Long said.

CSGT breaks down while struggling with the road?

In a traffic accident, police at Quy Nhon City Police (Binh Dinh) struggled with people on the road because …

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