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The overpass of the tourist area in Da Nang "suddenly" crossed … on the highway

On the overpass at the resort of Da Nang suddenly crossed ... National Highway - 1

Crossing Bridge on the tourist site Nui Than Tai hot spring park through the National Highway 14G through Hoa Wang district, Da Nang city

According to the current picture, the overhead bridge is under construction with a rather large scale with steel bridge carriers, concrete fences. Two structures of decorative portal pillars are also located in the road safety corridor of the National Highway 14G.

On the overpass at the resort in Da Nang suddenly crossed ... National Highway - 2

The structure of the towers on the decorative portals is also located in the corridor for road traffic safety

Many people have expressed concern that the bridge construction process does not provide security for road users across the area. And more surprisingly, this is a project that belongs to the tourist area, but not traffic for the lives of people or the goals stated in the Law on Road Traffic.

According to a PV survey, from July 2018, this project was licensed by the Road Management Department 3 at Km16 + 620 on the 14G motorway, located in Hoa Fu, Hoa Wang, Da Nang city. .

According to the content of the license, this bridge has a loading capacity of 0.65HL93 (16.5 tons). The bridge consists of 3 joints, each with a length of 15 meters, a structure of steel beams, a bridge of 6.5 meters, the position from the heart of the 14G motorway to the nearest side of the bridge columns 6.23 meters, the width of the bridge 10.0 meters . The structure of the upper part of the bridge is built right in the road safety corridor.

Talking to Dan Three, a representative of the DHC Suoi Doi Joint Stock Company, an investor at the Nui Than Tai Hot Spring Tourist Zone, said the developer was licensed to build this overpass by the Department of Road Administration; and all construction works follow the content of the license.

The project is licensed on the basis of the obligation of the DHC Suoi Doi in the case when the 14G motorway is upgraded on the highway (the highest level), the DHC Suoi Doi Joint Stock Company is not compensated for self-financing of the bridge construction costs (if any)

However, in accordance with Article 43 of the Law on Road Traffic for Roads Roads, road land covers land on the road corridor and the road safety road. Within the land area reserved for roads, other buildings must not be built, except for a few basic things that can not be located outside such areas, but must be permitted by competent agencies, including works in the service of the country. premises, security, works for road management, exploitation, telecommunications, electricity, pipelines, drainage, gasoline, oil, gas …

Thus, according to the Law on Carriage of Passengers, there are no regulations for the construction of bridges for private business in tourist services within the national highway, such as the construction of an overpass of the tourist area. Mountain Shen Tai warm spring park.

Concerning the construction work of the project by the SUO Doo DHC Joint Stock Company, in recent years, the Department of Roads Administration 3 issued four decisions on administrative sanctions for misdemeanors during the examination process. public projects with a total penalty of more than 70 million euros.

Specifically, twice the administrative fines with a total fine of 24 million VND in June 2017 and 12/2018 when the project is implemented by a double underground bridge.

In November 2016, an administrative fine of 35 million VND was created by the Project Construction Unit to open the linking section of the 14G motorway.

Recently, the Department of Roads Administration 3 has discovered DHC Suoi Doi Co., Ltd for the construction of the project within the land surface of the road, non-compliance with the construction permit provisions, causing the effect of the drainage system. water for roads and 12 million denars.

According to the developer of the project, this is a violation of the contractors of the project; and there are many performers there. The project developer is a DHC Suoi Doi Joint Stock Company that is compliant with the Road Authority 3 and worked with partners as prescribed.

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