Saturday , September 18 2021

The Minister of Transport proposed several scenarios for high speed rail

Transport Minister Nguyen Van said this is a major project of the country and is in the final phase of completion of the research. to submit them to the Government.

He asked the Tedi-Tricc-Tedisouth Consortium and related agencies to study various scenarios, such as infrastructure investments, shortening the route, and analyzing the impact on the company. railway industry.

"Why this report is different from previous studies, we need to make a comprehensive report, compare and analyze options, answer questions, experts, ministries, locations for gradual investment, data and project efficiency," the minister said.

Shinkansen Expressway in Japan. Picture: Long Lee.

Shinkansen Expressway in Japan. Picture: Long Lee.

Transport leaders also directed consultants to clarify the impact of 23 high-speed railway stations on local development, as well as other economic sectors and services.

Earlier on November 12, the Ministry of Transport held a conference list of consultants for the publication of the final report on the pre-feasibility study for the high-speed North-South rail project. This consortium proposed the construction of a new large railway line parallel to the existing railway line; The maximum operating speed is 320 km / h. The first ticket will be 50% of the ticket, the highest ticket is 75% of the price.

In the first phase of 2020-2030, the project will be put into operation before Ha Noi – Wine and Ho Chi Minh City – Nha Trang. The second phase 2030-2045 used the Wink-Nha Trang section to link the whole route. In terms of design solutions, consultant jointly referred to as mainly using viaducts combined with a tunnel (accounting for about 70%), on the ground about 30%.

The total estimated investment is 58.71 billion dollars (the first phase is 24.71 billion dollars, the second phase is 34 billion USD).

It is expected that the railway project will be submitted to the Government in December and will be submitted to the National Assembly for comments in October 20119.

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