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The life of “Red Hair Spring” changed after 8 years, causing a fever with a hot scene with 23-year-olds

Wednesday, 25 November 2020 19:22 (GMT + 7)

After 8 years of the role in life, the male star Nge An has many changes in both life and career.

Recently, on his personal page, Vietnamese actor Buck shared a photo of a brand new house. He wrote: “Parents are an example for children to follow, and children are the pride of their parents. Although each person will have different circumstances, but family love is the holiest and most beautiful thing that nothing can replace. Welcome home! “.


Viet Buck shares pictures of the whole family in a new home

Following Viet Buck’s announcement, many friends and colleagues sent him congratulations. Actor Bao Tan wrote: “Congratulations to your family”, Viet Buck replied happily: “Thank you Mong Dai!”.

Viet Buck is known as one of the most famous actors in the North. Born in 1987 in Nege An, Viet Buck was previously a lecturer at the University of Theater and Cinema in Hanoi. Viet Buck became known as a comedy in the program “Meet the weekend”. However, even in the role of “Xuan Tok Do” in “The Role of Life” 8 years ago, Viet Buck was really famous.


Viet Buck impresses with the role of spring on red hair

In the film, Viet Buck has a rather sensitive scene with the older Min Hang (taking on the role of Deputy Doan). Because actor Min Hang is 23 years older than Viet Buck, they are both extremely shy when shooting hot scenes. However, with years of experience, artist Min Hang had a good conversation and jokes to create a cozy atmosphere with Viet Buck.

After the red-haired spring, North Vietnam suddenly “disappeared” from the screen for a long time. Sharing during that time, Viet Buck said that he only played sitcoms and activities at the Hanoi Drama Theater, not participating in plays, so people did not pay attention.


In the film, Viet Buck has a very sensitive scene with senior artist Min Hang

Recently, he reappeared as he could in The girl’s house and The days do not forget. Khan is a cunning, docile country man who is loved by the audience.


Viet Buck reappeared on screen as Xuan Khan

From the role of Xuan Khan, Viet Buck has been heavily covered by the media. He participated in many TV drama and comedy projects in Tet 2021. With a rather innocent face, honest and gentle, Viet Buck was often given the role of a gentle peasant, dumb and funny. Recently, Viet Buck shared a number of behind-the-scenes images in a folk-comedy project called “Comedy.” Creating the character of a rather comical and comical servant of Vietnam makes fans excited.


Viet Buck reveals them behind the scenes of the comedy “Tet 2021”

In terms of private life, Viet Buck has a full life with his wife and son. His wife runs a business, not an art. Viet Buck said that in addition to working time, he spends time caring for his children, helping his wife with sales and household chores.


Viet Buck has a full life with his wife and son

Knowing that his wife was southern, he fell in love with her at first sight. Speaking of his good wife, Viet Buck confided: “I myself, I live quite affectionately, my personality is not promiscuous and I never want to joke. Finding someone to love is not difficult, but finding a” suitable “person. It’s hard for me. “Sometimes I thought I was emotionally upset, but how could I meet her and fall in love …”.

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It turns out that “lover” Nin Duong Lan Ngok is a very famous person for the on-screen audience.

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