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The latest pricelist of King Honda SH: High altitude

Thursday, March 21, 2019 12:00 (GMT + 7)

Contrary to many other Honda models, when reduced to 7 million VND, Honda SH will be sold at the highest price of 16 million VND.

Honda SH, a line of cars that is called the king of Vietnam's motor market, has long been a strange story in Vietnam.

Price list of the latest manual gas Honda W: High quality difference - 1

Honda SH 125.

If so far, there are countless models of Honda cars with strong discounts, even with lower sales prices of up to 7 million VND. But Honda SH is still selling with a huge difference.

Price list on the latest scooter Honda SH: Qing high-rise difference - 2

SH 150 mat black version.

In which, SH 125 has a higher selling price than the proposed price of 11-12 million VND. And SH 150 has the highest selling price of up to 16 million VND.

Price list on the latest scooter Honda SH: King big difference - 3

Black version.

Some agents say the price of such a high Honda SH is due to the current range of scooters. The new cars are not much imported a lot after Tet. However, the phenomenon of such a difference in prices SH occurred for a long time.

Price list on the latest scooter Honda SH: Royal High Differences - 4

Silver version.

Many people with economic conditions in Vietnam still have a strong interest in Honda and consider it to be a railway station that symbolizes wealth.

To help readers get more referral bargaining information, we update the latest 2019 car price list Honda SH, in the following way:

Model carProposed price (Unit: million VND)Final price (Unit: Millions VND)
SH 125 CBS68.079.5-80.0
SH 125 ABS76.087.0-87.5
SH 150 CBS82.095.5-96.0
SH 150 ABS90.0105.5-106.0
SH 150 CBS matt black83.595.5-96.0
SH 150 ABS black matt91.5105.5-106.0
SH 300i269.0269.0-269.5
The mass of the black SH 300i270.0270.0-270.5

* Note: The above price is only for reference, actually depends on the dealer and the field of car sales.

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