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The hostile past of the "antagonists" killed the entire family because it thought it was forbidden from love

He was involved in robbery of gold, received 11 years in prison

March 12, HCM City City Police is still detained by suspect Nguyen Hoang Nam (26 years old, living in Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City), causing a serious murder that killed four people on March 11th.

The Enemy Past

Nguyen Hoang Nam – the suspect killed his grandmother, his parents and another woman on the night of March 11th.

Victims killed by the suspect are: Nguyen Ti Lien (83), Nguyen Van Duc (52 years in Xuan Thoi Thuong), mother Trin Ti Bea (known as People Tan Heep Commune, Hock Mont District) and wife named after Trinity Net (58 years old, live in Long province).

For the common footprint of the suspect who kills his entire family has caused anxiety in public opinion, in our understanding, Nam is the second child in a family of 2 sisters.

We are a young man with a nice look, before being "crazy" of drugs, killing the whole family.

We are the son of Mrs. Bei Hai and Mr. Duk. It is known that from an early age, We often confused, did not care about education, but specialized in gathering friends to play and fight. The culmination of Nam's "hostile" past is that he was involved in robbery of gold and was arrested, the court sentenced to 11 years in prison.

After leaving the prison in June 2018, there was also a time when parents on the subject divorced. While Mrs. Be Hai remained in Hamlet's house 1, the municipality of Tan Hip opened a barbecue shop, Mr. Dook went to live with his mother, Ms. Lien (83 years) in the communal community Xuan Thoi Thuong.

Although divorced, Mr. Dook and Mrs. Be Hai still care about him. When Us got out of prison, the family asked to marry Our woman in the hope that this disobedient child would pay off, he would work.

However, "parents give birth to their children and the gods are fertile," the family did not expect his marriage night to beat his wife Nam, so that everyone was upset. Also, because of her husband's brutal nature, Nam's wife could not resign after 3 months of marriage.

After that, We went back to Ms. Be Hai's side to sell clothes and baked goods to her home in the Tang Hyip municipality. Also, at that time, We knew a girl in Long An and often gathered friends to use stone medicines.

Regular "critique" of drugs

According to the investigation, two weeks before this case, We used stone drugs, so he had an unusual expression, breaking and shouting, and walked out of the way to prevent people being terrified.

The idea that everything had just stopped on the road to stop the car after the "drug" of the "antagonistic" child, the family of this object was again sick and this time it was a tragedy because of the tragedy. It happened to shock the public.

The Enemy Past

After provoking the crime, We are constantly in a state of "rock", and not sober that the functional forces must be very difficult to control.

At noon on March 11, after the use of stone drugs, the family on both sides in the medical attack on Nam prohibited them from loving the girls in Long An, so they would kill both sides of the family. He controlled a motorcycle carrying weapons to run Long An, approached his grandmother's love, Mrs. Trunk Ti Net (58) and killed.

Upon completion of the project, Nam ran right into his home in the Tan Heep municipality to kill his mother and take some money. He did not stop, the "opposite" continued to go to his grandmother's house, using the weapons of murder of Ms Lien (grandmother, died on the spot) and Mr. Dook (the father of Nm died after coming to the hospital). ).

After the project was triggered, We hung a weapon that had fallen from the scene with the intention of finding her sister to challenge the project, but was controlled by the police and immediately arrested.

At the moment they were taken to the police station, We were still in a state of drug addiction.

At present, relatives take care of the victims at home. According to relatives, because of the unruly nature, We are not satisfied with the neighbors of Xuan Thoi Thuong, some dare to contact this "antagonistic" child.

The Enemy Past

People near Nam's house are still not shocked by the tragedy in the night, causing the entire family to die.

Sometimes he went to ask for money from his father and grandmother, and every time he asked not to cursed, he threatened to beat his father and grandmother. Yesterday they heard that he had killed his biological parents and grandmother, who mistreated the people. With his hands and feet, terrified by this man, he is now guilty of "heavenly", so no one wants to forgive him", Ms. Bay (grandson Lien) is a broken heart.

The case is still being investigated by the authorities. Initially, the police found that the suspects caused 3 murders in 3 different locations, and Nam was the most obvious suspect.

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