Saturday , September 18 2021

The hammer robbed gold at the Quang Nam store with a hammer

Functional forces block the scene to investigate the cause.

According to information from the municipal police of Dang Ban, Quang Nam Province, the robbery took place around 18:20 on 19/11. Young men in masks with Sirius cars stopped in front of the golden Kim Dung II store in the Dien Ngoc branch.

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Many curious people meet.

After stopping, young men in the shop ask for gold. Suddenly the object of the hammer shattered the glass and escaped from the gold rush in the shopkeeper's inability. Some witnesses said that during the robbery they saw a young man in a black outfit, a mask and a helmet in the shop. After the object crashed the glass to steal the gold and then escape, they heard the owner of the stores with gold, and then the young man jumped on the motorcycle was set in front of the store and escaped from the city of Hoi An.

Do not touch the shutter button
A gold shop with Kim Dung II in which the attack took place.

The hammer was still in the broken glass case. The amount of gold robbed in the Kim Dung II gold store has not been determined. Police from the city of Dien Ban, Quang Nam Province conducted field tests to examine and catch the item. The incident meant that many people were interested in monitoring traffic and local people, causing traffic jams in front of Dien Nam – Dien Ngoc Industrial Park.

Hoai Nam / VOV-Central

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