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The Hall was honored to cover the cover of the Times-24-hour magazine

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 11:19 (GMT + 7)

Hot football news updated 17/4: Mohammed Salah was honored by The Times Magazine on the list of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Salah is honored on list 100. The Times published a list of 100 most influential figures in the world in a recent print edition, and Liverpool striker Mohammed Salah and the Egyptians are honored to be on the list. Comedian John Oliver, a fan of Liverpool, wrote the introduction of Hall to Honor for his humble personality and his love for even a football superstar that is a militia of millions.

Hot football news on April 17: Salah congratulated him on the cover of the Times magazine - 1

Mohamed Salah on the cover of the Times magazine

Ramos still did not move. According to AC, midfield midfielder Sergio Ramos will not be chasing back to play for Real Madrid this weekend. Ramos was injured in the left thigh muscle and was diagnosed with a break from 10-14 days, and since the Real season did not have many goals, Ramos will be released until he recovers completely.

Cloud renewed with Atletico. Goalkeeper Jan Cloud has signed a new contract with Atletico Madrid to stay until 2023. Contract information has not yet been published. The cloud had 115 clean sheetings 203 times for Atletico Madrid from 2014 to the present.

Neuer "cheats" reporters. Manuel Neuer had a press conference in which he was completely … he did not announce anything. This "press conference" was actually held because Neuer promised to hold a press conference long ago, but then had to postpone it because of an injury. Neuer announced a few days ago that he would hold a press conference, and the news has led many German newspapers to think that they will retire because of a serious violation.

Results of draw for the preliminary round of the Asian Cup in 2023

The first qualifying round of the Asian Cup in 2023 is also the pre-qualification of the World Cup in 2022, which was just held in the morning on April 17. This round has been attended by 12 teams, including 5 teams from Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos and Timor Leste. The teams will start and leave on June 6 and 11.

Hot football news on April 17: Salah congratulated him on the cover of the Times magazine - 2

Results of the first round are preparing for the 2023 Asian Cup

Henry was criticized for not training

Golovin, the Monaco striker recently shared the training of Thierry Henry while leading the football team of Vojvodina. "Henry probably forgot that he is now a coach, not a player. When someone makes a mistake, he becomes irritable and screams a lot, he runs back and starts playing as a player."

Why Barca did not play also hurt

Danes Suarez, midfielder of Barcelona, ​​takes Arsenal on loan. However, the Spaniard is almost "unprocessed and according to the representative, the reason is that he can not play much". He is too small to play and can not find inspiration again. Currently, he has a muscular problem ".

Liverpool is ready to spend 85 million pounds for Dembel. According to Mark, attacker Ousman Dembel is available in Barcelona. And Liverpool wants to buy Dembel. Even the city football team approved a £ 85m transfer for this player.

Hot football news April 17: Salah congratulated him on the cover of the Times magazine - 3

Liverpool aims at Dembele

Rooney did not return to the Premier League. The striker Wayne Rooney insists he will not return to the Premier League, fully committed to wearing DC United. The former captain of Manchester United and England are currently playing in the US Major. According to the report, Rooney will conclude his contract with DC United before considering the retirement decision.

Mbappe admits he gets too much. Kianan Mubi PSG striker with a £ 166m salary from Monaco. In PSG, this young striker quickly advanced and even competed for the title Golden Ball in 2018 and played more extensively than superstar Neymar Junior. The salary of Mupppe now stands at £ 290,000 a week. Mubabi himself admits he gets too much money.

Jorginho discovered that Surrey was superstitious. Jurio midfielder in an interview with Daily Mail has revealed the odd habits of coach Maurizio Sari. Therefore, before every big game, the Italian coach will not touch the ball. However, Chelsea under coach of Surrey has still not achieved good results, recently lost to Liverpool by 0-2 to Anfield.

Girud was determined not to leave Chelsea. The striker of Olivier Jirud is confident he can win the first place in Chelsea. Currently, Chelsea strikers like Gürud, Higuain or Morata can not get the confidence of coach Sari. Currently the 2018 World Cup champion receives several offers from his cousin teams, but Girud does not intend to repatriate in the summer of 2019.

Shulz is charged with illegal betting, the risk of heavy fines

Just before the great war between Barcelona and the MU, there was shocking news for Paul Scholes.

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