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The Giang reappeared "large" python indexing in the temple

On May 21, Mr. Vo Van Phuc, President of the People's Committee of the Town of Ba Chuc, the Province of Tri-Tone, the province of Giang, said he continues to mobilize the abbot of Ong Chin Pagoda (the village of Binh, Ba Chuc). the decline of the "giant" python of nature.

Giang reappears as a python giant in the temple - Photo 1.

Many people estimate that this pyton weighs about 20 pounds

According to Mr. Fuch, this python is over 3 meters in length and weighs about 20 kilograms. Previously, the pilgrims used it to go to Mr. Chin's temple and bring some pythons to ask the abbot to make a birthday.

Then, the python was taken to the Big Mountain and released into natural caves so that they could hunt for themselves. However, it is strange that the python often descends into the mountain to return to the place where the Ogan Chin was first "pawn" pagoda after being preyed with prey.

Especially, more than 20 days ago, this "giant" python continued to return to the temple, but refused to return to the mountain as in previous times. Because of the fear of foreigners who are not aware of the python background, and then lose it, the abbot has given the man food.

Giang reappears with a giant python bull in the temple - Photo 2.

This python was guarded by the temple in the temple for fear of being caught by foreigners

"After I realized this information, I went to meet the monk who led the Temple Qin to mobilize the python to return to its natural environment. If true, python has been released in previous years." Back to the old place is not it is very good for the temple to be locked, "said Fuk.

In recent days, the case of the "horrific" rattan cobra has caused functional departments in An Giang to "find a headache" to discover the solution, and then continue to appear this "giant" python.


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