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The father is looking for a new figure for his son

On the morning of October 15, Da Tu performed his first facial surgery. Sitting on the stairs in the corridor of the Faculty of Surgery, Medical University Hospital, his father – Mr. Tran Van Tang (in village 3, Quang Yin commune, Hai Jha county, Kwang ninh) looked into the operating room with a sad face. worried eyes

"I was sleeping late last night, and I was sleeping late, still laughing in the operating room this morning. After I wake up, it would be very painful, "Ethnic Father Tey told Quich in a fairly clear language. Mr Tang said, the 21-month-old had never seen his face in the mirror, nor was he aware of the whole body and limbs different from any other.

Father seeking a new form for his child - 1

Tang took the baby to hospital.

Baby Yes is Mr. Tang's fourth child. Before the baby had 3 beautiful sisters. According to Mr Tang, when his baby was 6 months pregnant, his wife went for an ultrasound, the doctor said, later that the baby was likely to be deformed. Although worried, he and his wife decided to become pregnant.

On the day Yes was born, the doctors were stunned, they had never seen a child with less black covering almost their entire body. The assistant picked him up, saw his son, and he panicked. The baby's whole body is black, only white spots are exposed on the face. Both husband and wife were shocked, only knowing how to hug and cry.

For the next few days, everyone came to visit her, everyone was startled and scared. This made the couple sad. Baby Yes is a longing for the whole family, but the difference in appearance makes him and his wife know nothing but love for the disadvantages of their children.

Nine months later, Tang's wife became pregnant with her fifth child, but when the fetus was 5 months old, his wife suddenly died. “That day, the couple was still talking. In the afternoon I was in the woods, someone came calling and told my wife to faint. After going to the hospital, my wife was very severe, she died that night due to cold, "he said, wiping his tears. When Mom died, Yes she was only 16 months old. A deformed child and 3 school-aged children, in order to have money to earn a living, in addition to planting sugar and farming, Tang also works as a doorman to earn more money. Baby To stay home with her and her grandmother, who had nowhere to leave the house on the street.

Telling us he was touched by Mr Tang, some volunteer groups when they found out about the case of Mr To make a bridge and introduced his father and son to Dr. Yam Ti Viet Dang. Also, thanks to the generosity and support of many people, his father and son were able to come to Hanoi to see Dr. Dang.

When he listened to the doctor, his child was able to remove the "dark black" marks on his face, missing joy. "Now that I'm young, I still don't know anything, so I'm really worried, but I'm afraid that when I grow up in a few years, my friends will tease me, I'll feel guilty, ashamed," Tang complained.

According to Dr. Yam Ti Vietong Dang's part, watching an ethnic father carry a child, watching the scene with the father hugging the child, looking into his eyes as if crying to hold the child to the doctor … is enough for her to he feels deep compassion and compassion for the child who is losing the gut. During the baby examination Yes, Mr. Tang unhappily dropped his "debit" book as he peered through the backpack and took documents to give to the doctor.

The notebook contained puzzling and misleading articles, Mr. Tang wrote down the date and year, which he gave, from rice butter or milk cans, including people who knew their names, ages and addresses. to people with names like "license plate 27", "lady in the car" or "Hanoi bus free" …

Tang shyly said, "Thank you later." In time, though few, I see that his father and son deserve to be helped. The General Hospital also sponsored a free operation for the operation of Yes.

Father seeking a new form for his child - 2
Dr. Pham Thi Viet Dung examines Da baby.

After 3 hours, the first operation was successful. According to TS. BS Pham Thi Viet Dung, Da's child suffers from congenital malignant neuroblastoma, which is still known as "birth defects". Inborn features come in many sizes from small to large. Some rare cases can involve a large body.

The world is estimated to have one huge birthrate for every 10,000 babies. Larger cases are rare. Inborn birth defects do not develop, but cover the same area of ​​skin the body has at birth, growing at the same rate as the baby grows. Birth defects can be anywhere in the body.

According to Dr. Dang, this is the youngest patient ever to have surgery. When examining the little Yes, the doctor was a little confused, not knowing where to get the material to shape for the baby when his healthy skin was too small.

"We hope that early intervention at this time will help children to have a bright, beautiful face, without guilt when they reach school age. In the case of Yes, the person will only need 3 surgeries to deal with the black marks. Treatment for children is a long process, requiring persistence because the light skin of children is too small. But for sure, in about 2 years I will have a full face without less black. ”- BS. Said Dung.

However, the baby's own body part due to the melanin skin area is 95%, was dark black, and its back and buttocks. Therefore, according to BS. The use of handling will face numerous difficulties. Following the face, doctors will try to intervene in Yes to detect joints and hands, while others are unlikely to interfere.

Although black marks of birth are usually benign and do not pose a threat to health, their "presence" causes loss of aesthetics and affects children's psychology and life, especially when marks are born. Exposed like face, palm.

BS Dang warns, there are some cases of congenital black marks of birth with cancer. If the birth sign suddenly appears larger, deformed, nipple, ulcerated, bleeding or painful, it is probably a sign of melanoma developing into a malignant phase. Parents should seek medical attention immediately if they see these symptoms. Large melanoma, with very small satellites around it; areas of the palms, soles, areas of high pressure, are more likely to be malignant than other areas.

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