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"The best doctor from Vietnam" in the final of the master genius 2019-star

Actress Fi Tan Van appeared on the night of the match as a judge. Of the five boys who were champion candidates, many people were surprised by their identity and good looks.

Overcoming hundreds of domestic and foreign gentlemen, over 20 weeks of broadcasting, the 5 best boys competed on the last night. Perfect gentleman 2019 detected. All five champion candidates surprised many people because of their identity and good looks.

They are: Nguo Bin (22 years, model, actor, by Kien Guyang – 3rd week champion was most voted by the audience); Cong Phat (23 years, restaurant manager, came from Quang Ngai – champion of Sunday 8); Lam Nguyen (25 years old, from Hanoi, a former steward, Quan Quan week 17); Ming Triet (25 years old, marketing team by Tien Guan, Quan Quan 19) and Luo Dong (26 years old, who are named the "Most Beautiful Doctor in Vietnam", models and actors from Ha Noi – champion of Sunday 5).

# 34; the end date of the year 2019-1

Ph Thanh Van and the judges and the 5 best men have reached the perfect gentleman season 3.

# 34; the end date of the year 2019-2

Especially, especially of Liu Dong, famous for the social network with the nickname "The Best Beautiful Doctor in Vietnam" or "Clone of the Farm". He is also the boyfriend of the singer Si Thanh.

# 34; on the final date of the year 2019 - 3

He owns a 6-piece body, a height of 1.84 meters and an elegant style of dress.

# 34; at the end date of the year 2019-4

Liu Dong is currently a famous actor and model, sought after by many producers, many singers invited to play music videos.

# 34; At the end date of the year 2019 - 5

The youngest man in Ngu Bin has a nice face, a standard body with a height of 1m82, he is a bright model of fashion shows and big competitions such as: Fashion of life, lifestyle ….

# 34; the end date of the year 2019 - 6

Especially in 2018, he entered the top 9 film characters. In addition to being a model, Nguo Bin also runs a professional acting track.

# 34; at the end of the year 2019 - 7

And Cong Phat is also one of the huge opponents, it has an outstanding height of 1m86, weighs 84kg. Recently, Cong Phat has also reached the top 3 of the Vietnam Fitness Model 2019 Talent Competition.

# 34; on the end date of the year 2019 - 8

Lam Nguyen is a former national flight attendant and currently serves as a Customer Relationship Manager in a large company.

All 5 talented boys showed a high commitment, but they could not hide their anxious feelings during the night of this decision. Unlike the perfect gentleman's programs before, the final gala night in 2019 will be held with 4 challenging rounds: Wisdom – manhood – a simple life and a perfect gentleman.

# 34; the end date of the year 2019 - 9

In it, to the challenge of Ordinary Life, the producer "makes it difficult for candidates with socially challenged candidates to raise public opinion lately – Pedophile.

Last night Perfect gentleman 2019 with the participation of three powerful female judges, who play a role in balance: The model, actor Fi Tan Van, singer Miko Lan Trin and comedian Tuyen Map with more than 400 ladies in the studio. The final of the Gala Perfect Master Season 3 is broadcast at 20:00 on April 20 on the HTV7 channel.

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