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The 10-year-old American travel reveals the "hidden corner" of Huawei,

A 10-year trip to America reveals

Founder of Huawei Nham Chinh Phi. (Photo: EPA)

The United States began investigating Huawei, a Chinese telecommunications equipment maker, for suspected violations of trade sanctions at least since 2007, when US Federal Bureau of Investigation investigators (FBI) were examined. Founder of this group in New York for Huawei's business activities in Iran.

In the indictment of 13 charges filed in the federal court on January 29 in Brooklyn, USA, the founder's identity was hidden and called him "personally-1". The indictment says that during the hearing, the person claimed that Huawei fully complied with export laws in the United States and did not deal directly with any Iranian company.

Based in Shenzhen, Huawei was founded by Mr. Nham Chinh Phi in 1987. Mr Nham is also a Huawei builder from a small facility that sells telephony devices to the largest provider of telecommunications equipment and the company. securing the world's second-largest smartphone with an estimated revenue of about 125 billion dollars this year.

FBI hearing of founder Huawei in July 2007 showed that the US law enforcement agency was suspicious of the group's illegal activities in Iran, at least after the administration of former President George W. Bush.

The hearing was held for at least five years before the US House of Representatives' Intelligence Committee released a report in 2012, in which accused Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturers Huawei and ZTE were a threat. Threats to national security and their products can be used by the Chinese government to spy on and steal data. Huawei has repeatedly denied these allegations.

In addition to Huawei, other "defendants" named in the 25-page indictment in the US court, including the Huawei Huawei Device USA and Skycom Tech Co., and their daughter, Huawei Vigor Chu, her daughter – the founder of Chin Fi.

The defendants face 13 counts of financial fraud, money laundering, a US government delusion of plotting, disrupting justice, and violating the International Act on Emergency Economic Power, which regulates Commercial Sanctions, along with a number of other charges.

Huawei efforts to conceal

The 10-year trip to America is revealed

Huawei is the largest Chinese telecommunications corporation. (Photo: Getty)

After hearing the FBI with the founder, Huawei's employees kept lying about Huawei's relationship with Skycom, a Hong Kong-based business. However, the US indictment indicates that Skycom is a subsidiary of Huawei in Iran.

According to the indictment, Huawei tried to hide his relationship with Skycom through a series of share transfer agreements, including other anonymous subsidiaries. This is a way for Huawei to declare that Skycom is only Huawei's business partner in Iran.

Under US trade sanctions, there is no license for goods, technologies or services to be exported from the United States or an American citizen to Iran without a permit. However, the United States found that Skykog hired at least one US citizen, recorded as an "employee 1" charge to provide telecommunications services to Iran from 2008-2014 without a permit.

According to the indictment, since 2010, Huawei has also surpassed a number of financial and banking institutions in the United States, hiding real relationships with Skycom. As a result, one of the banks identified in the indictment as a "US 1 branch" (a branch of "Financial Institution 1") permitted transactions for Skycom worth more than $ 100 million.

In September 2012, a senior vice president of Huawei unveiled the US Congress and confirmed that Huawei's business did not violate any sanctions. A few days later, Huawei's treasurer told a US banker that Huawei and its affiliates around the world did not violate the laws.

However, just a few months later, the news agency Reuters released a report showing that Huawei actually owns and manages SkyCam – a company that wants to sell illicit goods originating in the United States in Iran. This obviously violated Washington's sanctions.

"Reflectia" announced above, "Huawei" described Skycom as one of the "big local partners" and stressed that "Huawei's business in Iran is still in line with all regulations and rules, the United Nations, the United States and the European Union."

A ten-year trip to America revealed

Manh Van Chu appeared with security personnel in Canada after being arrested in December 2018. (Photo: AP)

January 2013, Reuters published a new report accusing Ms. Man Van Chu, the 2010 financial director of Huawei, related to SkyCam. Huawei continues to confirm that this group is fully in line with the provisions of the law.

A few months after the report Reuters, Ms. Mann asked to meet directly with the director of "Financial Institution 1", one of the victims involved in Skycom's support with millions of dollars. During a meeting in August 2013, Ms. Manne used a presentation to explain that her participation in the Skycom Executive Board from February 2008 to April 2009 was to help "Huawei understand more clearly about the financial results and business of SkyCom, while increasing it and following the compliance of Skycom. "

In early 2014, Ms. Man left at John F.'s Airport. Kennedy in New York. Here, the US authorities checked a document taken from the electronic equipment Ms Man brought, including important information on Iran and Skycom.

About 2017, "Financial Institution 1" ended its banking relationship with Huawei over concerns about the risks and insisted that Huawei's decision to end this was unilaterally made. After failing with the "Financial Institution 1" bank, Huawei continues to strive to strengthen relationships with other banks, even saying it is Huawei who is ending its relationship with "financial institutions". 1 "because they are not happy with their service.

At the same time, the United States accused Huawei of knowing about Washington's investigation, so Huawei deliberately testified about information about the group's business in Iran to China until they were tried under US law. In addition, Huawei is suspected of wanting to destroy and hide evidence of business operations in Iran.

At the end of 2018, Huawei's financial director was arrested by the Canadian authorities at the request of the United States, while he was in transit at Vancouver Airport. She was released on bail in Vancouver while waiting for her trial on February 6 to decide whether to be extradited to the United States.

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