Tuesday , July 27 2021

Thai people are hot, we must be cold comments

It can be seen that since the day Vietnamese football was reintegrated into the regional playground (1993), Thai people have never respected us as they are now. They are crowned five times on the level of the national team, 14 times from the 1977 Olympic Games medal for football gold medals. And while in front of Vietnam football has achieved impressive results from VCK Asia U.23 2018 back here, Thai people still consider themselves the "king" of Southeast Asia.

Due to "staying" for too long with the title "King of ASEAN", the Thai men appear to be "bitter" with the current position of Vietnamese football. They became impatient when their young players won a bitter defeat of 0-4 versus U.23 VH in their qualifying qualifiers in 2020 in Asia. This defeat was made by the Thai Football Federation (FAT) and experts in this country want 2 national football teams in each country – quickly meet each other with a high level of talent. Because the two teams did not have the opportunity to compete at the AFP Cup last 2018, when the Vietnam team officially "knocked down" the king of Thailand.

Seeing the way Thai people who were invited to apply for Vietnam to attend the 2019 Royal Cup and accepted to move the calendar by June next year, showed that they appreciate the significance of the confrontation this time. The change in the lottery tradition of the tournament was born in 1968 to meet soon to be recruited in Vietnam to prove that the Thai "conscious" want to confirm in order to soon create a spiritual advantage later on. In addition, with strong public criticism all the time, FAT is ready to defeat the Park Hang-seo coach to calm the view that "Thailand still dominates the region's top and the city of Vietnam is only temporary."

Strictly speaking, the Thai people are impatient with this war before "waving" Vietnam. So they called for all local and foreign talents, with the first stars competing in the J-league, such as Chanathip, Jakktit-Watpirom, Theerathon Bunmathan, including the excellent goalkeeper Kawin from Belgium.

In response, maybe Mr. Park's Vietnamese team must keep the cold head. Although we know that this tournament has little impact on our FIFA rankings, it facilitated the qualification of the World Cup in 2022, but, of course, the Korean tutor was sufficiently warned to recognize Thailand's intention.

In fact, the Thai people have to win to achieve their own goals. But for the VN team to win the King's Cup is not too urgent. The win on the day of the opening (if any) before the host's rent on June 5 can light up the image of the defender of the AFF Cup title. But if I lose it, my southeast-Asian "king" will not be lost. Therefore, we should not be caught in the Thai "trap," which is a place for them to show strength. Because we still need an "army" to save the forces for other important goals such as SEA Games 2019, U.23 Asia 2020 and in particular World Cup qualifiers in 2022.

Thai people are hot, we must be cold!

Huynh Sang

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