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Tan Trung threatened to sue the media company to be made in Kavin

Tan Trung threatened to sue the media company over the image of Kavin-1

On the evening of June 5, Vietnamese and Thai teams entered the big battle of the first match of the Royal Cup 2019. Thai players entered the exciting match.

However, all they can do is take over the long post of Supachio Jade and the free kick from Terraton Buntenen.

In the opposite direction, the Vietnamese team with a disciplined defensive game strictly prevented all the efforts of the home team. Not only that, guests also have goals in the last minute of the break from the time of Nguyen Anh Duq to gain the right to join the King's Cup final 2019.

Unbelievably, in the only goal of the team of Vietnam, the goalkeeper Kawin Thamsatchanan experienced some errors due to an injury in the middle 53 minutes into the match.

Tan Trong threatens to sue media company because it is dumped in the form of Kavin-2

The picture of a school for attacks is ridiculed on the page "Next Sports"

Witnesses of this wrong situation of goalkeeper number 1 of the Thai team, the Facebook page of the domestic media unit has released a photo of an association related to Bui Tan Trong's "breaking team" image.

This picture made the club's goalkeeper Bin Duong extremely angry. On his personal page, he announced that at any cost he had to hire a lawyer to sue the media for insult.

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