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Suspended traumatic project, to run for Barca-24h football

Thursday, January 31, 2019 13:03 (GMT + 7)

Of course, Neymar Junior will miss 2 major battles in the circle of the 1/8 Champions League with the MU. It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time Neymar has faced serious injuries and is absent in the PSG major games.

Damage to Neymar before Strasbourg

The French derby between PSG and Marseille last February, Neymar suddenly collapsed despite not colliding with anyone. The Brazilian striker then did not appear again in the colors of the PSG until the curtain season. He returned to his hometown to take care of him, waiting for the 2018 World Cup.

Neymar 10 weeks out, missed the match MU: Suspected false injuries, running towards Barca - 1

Neymar was again seriously injured

Also due to this important absence, PSG lost Real Madrid 1-2 in the Prince's Park to be disqualified from the Champions League. This year, again, the old man is again drawn, Neymar continues to injure himself as he needs a team in Paris. The announcement came from the PSG site, saying the 222 million-euro star had a serious injury on his right leg and that he would probably stay for up to 10 weeks – two and a half months.

However, the Spice COPE radio did not assume that these two unusual injuries come randomly. Because these injuries are more serious than the original level. According to COPE's radio, there appears to be a plan for avoiding Neymar and these injuries are part of the plan.

Neymar tried to leave PSG to return to Barcelona. I wanted to do it, Neymar had to make me do everything to make PSG more difficult. The continued serious violation can be seen as a way for Neymar to frustrate the heads of Qatar. Neymar himself before joining PSG was not a player with a history of injury, and Neymar's pain seemed to be exaggerated.

Neymar 10 weeks out, missed the match MU: Suspected fake injury, running for Barca - 2

Information about PSG homepage for Neymar injury

Statistics show that, in the 4 seasons of Barça's shirt, the Brazilian superstar only misses 21 matches in 4 seasons. Meanwhile, only playing for PSG for 18 months, Neymar was absent for 26 matches where the Parisian team played. This statistics will increase even more if you continue to sit outside the upcoming period.

Even more suspicious, while Neymar treated the injuries, his father and representative, Neymar Senior continued to negotiate an agreement with Barcelona. Neymar's father and son continued to plan to return to Barcelona due to the underdeveloped League 1 foundation, which is not worthy of their long-term commitment.

Neymar 10 weeks out, missed the match MU: Suspected fake injury, running in Barca - 3

Neymar can take 10 matches with PSG

Therefore, KOPE radio believes the trauma of Neymar's violation should be removed to overcome the French team of BDA. All the tricks created by Neymar and his father are just one plan: Go back to Barcelona in summer 2019 here. And MU benefit from this plan, not necessarily encountering the Brazilian star in two matches of the 1/8 round of the Champions League with PSG.

Neymar will sit for 10 weeks, which will not have 2 matches within the 1/8 Champions League with MU.

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