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Spending 45 million pounds, MU wants to buy Tanguy Ndombele

MU wanted to buy Lyon Tanguy Ndombele in the summer of 2019. Reds accepted to spend at least £ 45m for the deal.

MU suddenly wanted Tanguy Ndombele

This season, the defensive players of M.U. are not too impressive. Matic did not maintain stability, while a 52m-dollar deal named Fred just brought disappointment. The agreement of Ander Herrera with M.U. there are only a few months, but a new contract has not yet been approved.

Spending 45 million pounds, MU wants to buy the image of Tanguy Ndombele

MU wants to buy Tanguy Ndombele

A player born in 1989 will leave MU on a free transfer, he is more likely to go to PSG to fill the salary he wants. Solskjaer's coach plans to buy a more defensive midfielder in the summer of 2019.

According to the "Sun", the MU wanted to buy Lyonsky Tango Nadbabel in the summer of 2019. The Reds agreed to spend at least £ 45m on the deal. This season, the Frenchman played exceptionally well in Lyon's shirt. The star born in 1996 is considered one of the best defensive players in League One at the moment. The 22-year-old has a Kante-like style to Chelsea.

Tanguy Ndombele possesses a fertile physical basis, it can move 90 minutes without fatigue. The star, born in 1996, was also highly appreciated in the assessment, and he also had the ability to record well.

This season, Undebele made 29 appearances in the League One and secured up to 6 assists, suggesting that his creativity was also highly regarded. With what is shown, the French player is said to be a quality supplement for the Red Man.

However, the red half of Manchester will not be easy to get what you need. At the moment, Lyon's star is interested in many big teams. Real Madrid also wants Nedmabel, Manchester City and PSG also interested in the French player.

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