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Singer Hai Fong is fierce with a poor 14-year-old girl "lost"

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Man Hai Fong singer answers when criticized by the boss and back when participating in a television show.

Episode 14 of the "Heartbeat" program that has just been broadcast, has attracted the attention of many exciting details. This week, the male character is Tang Nam – an amateur singer who lives in Hai Phong.

34 years old and experienced a failed marriage, there were two young children, but Tang Nam became the hottest object on the day of the television show.

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We have an experienced marriage and have two children

Thanh Nam shared, because he longed for love, he came to the program "Choosing the Heart" to seek matchmaking. The male singer liked it, he thought he lost his friends, but did not take him to make him sad, but he only had more motivation to try and appear later, if he had a family, would grow his home for some time to live happy completeness.

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Thanh Nam is an amateur singer

We also sincerely shared the situation. Accordingly, male singers experienced three love relationships, but the most impressive love for him is the last love. Until now, the image of that woman is still in him.

Tang Nam said that the two of them split because he was not interested in "half", partly due to the typical work of singers who had to lead a lot of shows, lack of time for their loved ones.

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We offer many criteria for selecting partners

On the program, Tang Naum set the criteria for a woman to become her partner: "I just hope that the woman who comes to me will know compassion and sharing. I do not ask that person to be nice. What is 1m6 or higher is convenient for me.

I do not need to know what that person is doing, but after 18:00 she must be at home to take care of her husband and children. I have a bit of idealism, always finding women that match my age. I do not want to be stubborn in girls. "

A series of criteria he suggested, which made the girls and the audience watch the show, appreciate the patriarch. However, Thang Nam was considered very confident: "In terms of appearance, I surrendered to 6/10, but my personality must be 7/10."

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Quynh Nhu criticized Miss We back

Among the three girls who have agreed with male singers, the most impressive is Quynh Nhu – a 20-year-old make-up artist. The 14-year gap between Tang Nam and Quinn Nhu created a contradiction in living opinion.

Tang Nam confirmed that Quynh Nhu did not respond to his desire for his partner, and Quynh Nhu immediately announced: "He is old-fashioned, saying that women must be housewives. I do not like it."

Right at the first meeting, Tang Naum showed disappointment when Quynh Nhu did not know how to cook. She even confidently said that there was no need for family guardians and advised her not to worsen the burden of women's work. This view of Quynh Nhu made Thanh Nam just laugh: "It can not make me."

Though different in thought, Tang Nam also asked to marry Quynh Nhu because he was old. In response to this question, the beautiful young lady said she did not want to marry.

At the second appointment, Tan Nam and Queen Nyu did not give satisfactory answers to their mutual questions, which made them even more disagreeing. In the end, the singer eliminated Quynh Nhu with a rather shocking statement: "I see you reasonably, conservatively. I think I want to love, not to think about the future."

Meanwhile, Quynh Nhu said that love and demand for marriage exert pressure on one another. However, Tang Na kept the opinion that the thinking of Quynh Nhu was too childish. Her refusal to prove also proved that she did not have enough arguments, she was just trying to argue.

While he was angry, Quynh Nhu said: "Older people do not mean to say something is true", and Thanh Nam is still insisting: "I have to listen to older people from me, do not argue." The male singer also teaches his girlfriend on the harsh ladies' show: "To marry is a process. Men who want to marry me are good!".

However, Quynh Nhu insisted that she not accept this view: "You say that whenever you want someone, you want to get married, which means you do not tell them anything to women. You and I should not talk again, your thoughts are too old.

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Thu An is the last girl chosen by Thanh Nam

After a tense conversation with Quynh Nhu, Thanh Nam was stopped by Thu in the vicinity. In the end, Thanh Nam chose Chu An and sang the song Take your hand. Although Tang Naum suffered an unsuccessful marriage and had two children, Ch.N. still accepted "to follow Hai Fong".

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