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See "100-year-old me", it costs tens of millions of dong

Thursday, January 31, 2019 13:00 (GMT + 7)

Tamarind each year for 2 fruits with about 150 left to destroy the tree enough, tamarind fruit when eating sour.

Looking at him

Mr. Tran Fuuk Kuang has been with me trees for more than 100 years

Just a few days to the new year. Therefore, the amount of ornamental flowers for Tet is now flooded with ornamental flower markets in the West, with all kinds and colors. Among them, many poisonous and strange plants worth hundreds of millions of VND / wood are present in ornamental flowering markets, causing many people to … look up.

Looking at him

I timber for more than 100 years were sold for VND 55 million from Mr. Quang in the Flowers Market Buck Liu

Buk Liu's Flower Market is located on the Nguyen Tat Tah (1 city, Bu Liu, Buk Liu Province), Tamarind tree over 100 years and guava trees for 40 years are Mr. Tran Fuok Kvang (49 years old living in the Tam area Binh), Vinh Long Province, for sale for VND 55 million and VND 35 million, causing a "fever" in the Buck Liu Market this lunar New Year.

Looking at him

With an extremely unique crude shape, Tamarind tree has a height of 90 cm and its body is about 1.7 m

According to Mr. Kuang, he bought this tamarine from a neighbor in Vin Long about two years ago. "Tamarind trees are older than 100 years, the leaves are extraordinary, they are not seasoned, I am passing and I see that my root is big, so nice, so I have to go back and ask the owner to buy this tamarind root. agreed to sell it, "Kwang reveals.

Looking at him

On the base and body larger than 1 m with a lot of melancholy, the meandering of the track of time looks very nice

After 2 years of careful care, the current tamarine tree is about 90 cm wide, about 1.7 m wide, spreading many branches. From the original part of the tree, Mr. Kvang was appointed by the canopy, curled antique style. On the base and body, more than one meter in size with many melancholy marks, the curves on the track of time seem very beautiful.

Looking at him

Due to the moderate tamarisk tree, each year there are 2 crops with about 150 fruits

For almost 40 years, guavas trees were bought by a neighbor, planted in his garden. Guava tree has a height of 70 cm, a diaphragm about 1 m. Like the tamarine tree, from the original part of the tree, he was deployed to disperse with a very unique look. This guava tree was planted by Mr. Kvang in a rectangle with a length of 1.5 m, a height of about 60 cm (calculated from the field to the surface of the pot).


In addition to the Tamarind trees for more than 100 years, Mr Kvang also showed guava trees for almost 40 years

Mr. Quang added, Tamarind trees are left with 2 crops a year with more than 150 fruits to get rid of tamarind trees, and fruit when it deteriorates. And guavas trees are newly cut, so that they are not left. When the fruit, guava is a sweet, pink hose.

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