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Secretary general, president of the state who deals with the situation of petty corruption


On November 10 in Hanoi, the Standing Committee of the Central Steering Committee for Anti-Corruption (Steering Committee) held a meeting under the chairmanship of the Secretary General and President Nguyen Phu Trong, Chairman of the Steering Committee. to discuss and comment on many issues and matters under the guidance and direction of the Steering Committee after the 13th session so far.

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The Secretary General, the State of the President

During the meeting, the delegates appreciated and appreciated the efforts and activities of functional agencies, especially the police, army, prosecutor's office, courts, the central committee of internal affairs, and commissions. Chief Inspectorate, government inspectorate, relevant ministries and members of the steering committee, since the meeting of the steering committee held on April 27, the President of the state, the head of the steering committee at the 13th and 14th plenum of the Steering Committee and the Steering Committee, with many positive results, good grades, strong movements in Anticorruption (anti-corruption), public opinion, people agree with it, appreciate.

In particular, the authorities conducting court proceedings at the central and local level have made great efforts, efforts, mobilized forces, closely coordinated, actively overcome obstacles. According to the request of the Secretary General, the President, the Chairman of the Steering Committee: 13 new cases were prosecuted; completion of the investigation and additional investigation of 15 cases / 209 defendants; Issues against 15 defendants / 239 defendants; Dissertation of 20 cases / 181 defendants, with serious, harmful, educational and preventive sentences.

Especially after the meeting of the Steering Committee, April 27,The investigation of 11 cases / 151 of the accused has been terminated, 11 cases have been brought before the defendant / 193 defendants, 13 cases have been brought to the accused / 121 accused, including many cases of corruption, seriousness and complexity of social affairs, especially the case of Dinh Ngoc Tro and his confreres: "Abuse of positions and powers in the performance of public duties; Abuse in service; Lack of liability resulting in serious consequences; Use of seals or false documents of an agency or organization"; The case of "informed disclosure of state secrets" took place in North South 79 Company and Novaland 79; The case of deliberate action against national regulations on economic governance resulting in serious consequences took place in VNCB, Sacombank, TPBank and BIDV; A case of deliberate action contrary to the state regulations on economic governance, causing serious consequences "in PVTEX and related entities, The case of" Liability resulting in serious consequences "related to the supervisory group of the State Bank of Vietnam Construction Commercial Stock Bank.

Concentrate, accelerate the pace, finalize the investigation, issue accusations, prepare for the settlement of cases: "Using the Internet to commit an asset misappropriation; organizing gambling; gambling, illicit trade in invoices, money laundering and abuse of positions and powers during on-call" a place on Phu Tho and some places; "Abuse of positions and entitlements to appropriate ownership; Intentional action contrary to state regulations on economic governance that have serious consequences" in Dong A Commercial Commercial Bank (DAB).

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Meeting of the Standing Central Committee of the Steering Committee on Prevention and Control of Corruption

Actively verify, explicitly investigate cases 1, 03 cases, 06 recommendations from the First Instance Process regarding Dinh Ngoc Us and accomplices; extended investigation, prosecutor's office of 02 new cases regarding Phan Van Vu and his associates; The prosecution of "Breach of regulations on the management and use of public investment capital has caused serious consequences" took place at Mobifone Telecom Corporation, the Ministry of Information and Communications, and related entities.

Quickly instructed to complete the bankruptcy procedure for the 2nd Financial Company of the Vietnamese Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development (ALCII). On this basis, functional agendas actively make mistakes, consider and assume the responsibilities of the organizations and persons concerned.

The authorities actively took over and took over the assets in the case of the Steering Committee, which monitors and manages over 3 billion.

In addition, the Central Control Commission proposed that the Political Bureau, the Secretariat and the Central Executive Committee introduce the discipline of five members of the centrally managed parties who have committed violations in these matters. The case of the Steering Committee on Monitoring and Steering. The Government Inspectorate will conclude and make public the conclusions of the inspection on the unification of Quy Nhon port; In conclusion, the investigating authority proposes a criminal prosecution authority to take over the criminal case at Mobifone Telecom Corporation, the Ministry of Information and Communications, and the entities concerned.

Speaking at the end of the meeting, the Secretary General, State President and chairman of the Central Anti-Corruption Committee Nguyen Phu Trong said that thanks to the delegates' comments, they felt a positive atmosphere, more violently, not as public anxiety, the fight against corruption gradually drowned, drowned. On the results of the secretary general and the president of the state said that especially after two meetings of the Steering Committee and the meeting of the Steering Committee, the fight against corruption, the negative is implemented more drastic and effective effect.

"Social psychology, listening to great things, requires great things, but we really do a lot of things, very good." As stated in the report, it shows drastic, positive, obvious inspections, inspections, audits … coordinating bodies are very good, drastic and positive, all are trying hard to do the task and coordinate quite well, that's a good lesson – said the Secretary General Nguyen Phu Trong.

Nguyen secretary general Phu Trong also mentioned unnamed things, silently executing the law, perfecting the mechanism … At the same time, he said that the movement, the agency is no longer cold, many places are subjected to self-control and processed. There are things in the center of the whole country, overwhelming, not paying attention to the locals. Locations must strengthen, but at the same time promote new models and factors to be promoted in these cities.

However, according to the Secretary General, the President of the state, in addition to the results achieved, there are still restrictions, so not met, subjective, met.

Discussing the most difficult problem in the fight and dealing with corruption issues and matters, this is the assessment, the Secretary General and State President said that only the assessment is the primary channel, not everyone, so it should not be too obscure, machine. But control is the basis for conduct, when the agency has different opinions, it can not prove. According to the Secretary General, the President of the State does not completely remove the rating, but will serve agencies and evaluators if committed intentional violations.

"Here is the assessment, inspection agency, personal assessment, where weakness needs to be corrected, clear and transparent, where to do good, reward, encourage brothers, but the workplace If it is immediate, biased or not, it must be responsible. if they violate the law, then they must deal with it, then we will say this place forever without transferring. Do not let us give up completely, it is a reference channel, But the reference is also very important, it makes the case, the case, who is entangling him, I treat him as an expert, whether he is doing his duty well, being legal, true to your conscience or respect, avoiding it, or if you have something that opens your mouth with a strap, not connected here, if you are dealing, then I mean, we have to judge immediately, violently in the process, at every stage, so seriously, "said the Secretary General and the President of the State.

The Secretary General said that in general the stages are fast, but there are still slow steps in relation to the progress and plans of the Steering Committee. Find out why a slow, objective or subjective delay or deliberate includes.

"The bodies themselves, in performing these activities, must also be subject to consideration, whether the law, the Steering Committee must do so, and not the right to decide who wants to decide people must have the right" – suggested the Secretary General, the president of the state

According to the Secretary General, the President of the State, in the nearest future it is necessary to focus on dealing with minor corruption, to strengthen the control of the implementation of the conclusions of the Steering Committee's inspection teams.

"We have been talking about minor corruption for a long time, but now we have to pick a few points to deal with a few cases." This is how "flying flies" is very uncomfortable, causing people to lose faith, especially administrative authorities, get papers, fines in traffic police, no vinegar, vinegar, small offensive confidence, paper collection, appointing people for hard times Another it is a matter of instructing the places that the drastic and effective results of inspection teams of the Steering Committee, also have to deal with a few places to set the time, do not press. explain or take measures, "was directed to the Secretary General and the President of the State.

At the meeting, a permanent steering committee asked the authorities to try, try to better, coordinate, strive for the end of 2018. Completing the investigation in 08; The issue of the case of accusations of 03 cases; Attempt at first instance from 02 cases; Appellate trial 05 cases; 33 cases have been verified in accordance with the plan of the Steering Committee.

Focus on managing strict and proper case resolution in the following cases: (1) The case of "using the Internet to commit an act of misappropriation of property, organization of gambling, gambling, illicit trade in invoices, money laundering and abuse of positions and rights during duty" took place at Phu Tho and some places; (2) The case of "Abuse of position and entitlements to appropriate ownership; Intentional action contrary to state regulations on economic governance, resulting in serious consequences" in Dong A Commercial Commercial Bank (DAB).

Efficient consideration of matters and matters related to Dinh Ngoc Tro and its accomplices. Completing the investigation and prosecution in the case of "Abuse of office and authority in the performance of official duties" in Da Nang and in certain localities; Positive recovery of assets for the state.

Accelerate the investigation and close consideration of the "Breach of regulations regarding the management and use of public investment capital causing severe consequences" in the Mobifone Corporation, Ministry of Information and Communication and Relevant entities in accordance with the law.

To quickly investigate and deal with violations committed by organizations and individuals related to the case of Vu Quoc Hao and their associates in the II financial leasing company of the Bank of Vietnam on Agriculture and Rural Development (ALCII).

Functional agencies should urgently carry out the valuation and valuation of real estate based on the decision to obtain inquiries by the investigating authorities regarding the handling of corruption and economic cases.

The Standing Committee of the Steering Committee finishes monitoring and directing 02 cases, and 06 issues of the Steering Committee on Supervision and Management have passed the resolution in accordance with the law.

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