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Second place on the table is brighter?

Thursday, October 17, 201 00:29 (GMT + 7)

The fact that Qatar is quite strong also qualifies, opening up a great opportunity for 5th place in the second table, and Vietnam Tel can take it fully.

After a 0-0 draw with Thailand, beating Malaysia 1-0 and Indonesia 3-1, Vietnam Tel now has 7 points (+3 difference), ranked second in Group D of the second qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup. year. Asia, after Thailand due to poor difference (+4).

Only the first team in the table will win the qualification for the third qualifying round, the possibility of Vietnam Tel is still open. However, in a specific analysis, the challenges for Park Jango Seo teachers and students are still extreme. Winning one of the four best places is a lighter door.

Vietnam Tel and the Next Door of the World Cup Qualifications for 2022: Lighter Table 2? - 1

The Vietnamese Tel

In the rankings of teams ranked second in Asian qualifications, Vietnam Tel is in third place. China is the leading team, it also has 7 points, but the difference is up to +12. China is currently ranked second in Group A. Fortunately for China, they are in the same group as the island of Guam and the Maldives – two extremely weak teams.

Above Vietnam is Jordan (a difference of +4, also 7 points). Ranked just below Vietnam is North Korea with the same result and the same difference +3. However, the CPRK scored fewer goals and placed behind.

Namely, in this qualifying round, the team ranked fifth in the second group of the group still has the opportunity to move forward if the host of the Qatar World Cup of 2022 qualifies for the first or second place in their group. Qatar dropped to Group E in this second qualifying round.

Currently, the second place ranking table is very fierce when 5 teams have 7 points and 2 teams win 6 points, only 1 team wins 5 points. However, after the first phase and until the start of the second round, the division will be clearer. The look of the 2nd position situation will be calculated in detail, the potential person revealed.

Qatar's strong performance also qualifies, opening up a great opportunity for second place in the second round. Then the competition will be less fierce. Still extremely unpredictable with Vietnam Tel with 2 rounds against the UAE, the second match against Thailand "completely changed" under coach Nishino, the match in Malaysia's duel just struck Indonesia against Indonesia in My Religion is easy to breathe.

It looks like Vietnam's next door may be second, though of course Park Yang Seo's teachers and students will always struggle with the spirit at the top of the table.

Ranking second place in 2022 World Cup Qualifiers in Asia:

Vietnam Tel and the Next Door of the World Cup Qualifications for 2022: Lighter Table 2? - 2

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