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Roses from raw cotton tea 10 million / kg, the boss did not dare to drink a lot

Go to Thailand to learn how to make tea and go home to plant a garden with 10,000 original roses to prepare raw tea. After 2 years, its tea product is not enough to sell, although the price is up to 5-10 million per kg.

Free time, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Tuyet (born 1989) At Tan Lap, Phu Tho used tea flower tea, which has just finished drying, to test (check) the goods before delivery to guests. After a drink she nodded: "The tea is ready, but I was rewarded only with this kettle, and the other guests put out a few days ago."

Tuyet tea is not a rose bud but a raw rose. To get these organic cotton roses, she spent two years learning, planting new successes like today.

Make sure the flowers are not too thin
After 2 years of learning and investing a huge amount of money, Tuyet has an organic rose garden to make raw cotton almost 3.5 ha wide.
Make sure the flowers are not too thin
Garden roses are grown in separate areas by ecological methods.

Tuyet confided, she was an avid gardener of roses. For this reason, he decides to quit working with stable income from growing flowers, even borrow hard for roses to satisfy his hobby.

In the growing and trading of roses, she accidentally discovered how to make organic Thai tea roses extremely attractive. Since then, apart from selling rose flowers, he also wants to develop products processed deeply from this flower.

"Actually, two years ago, first tried Chinese pink tea buds, it was very fragrant. A bit later I had the opportunity to Thailand, their organic rose garden, tea is fragrant, has a very special taste, a drop of flower in tea is still intact, like flowering on roses in the garden "- she said. .

Make sure the flowers are not too thin
It took a year to test the methods of her new snow to find the temperature of the standard drying of roses
Make sure the flowers are not too thin
After finishing, pink tea almost retains its original color

Then she went to Thailand several times, every few days, to learn about the roses make tea, how to grow, how to collect, how to dry, …

Find out how to grow and make tea with organic Thai roses, she began to return home to 3000 square meters of land, to grow pink varieties, testing the best kind. Finally, after testing up to 30 varieties, she also collected six varieties of roses with cotton essential oils suitable for tea.

However, the most difficult task is to dry the tea, to heat enough roses tea after drying, to make sure that the color remains fresh flowers are still on the tree.

"Testing took a year, many times failed." Every day to the garden collecting roses for drying, drying is not like throwing away. Recently I found the heat to dry the roses to produce the best product "- she said.

Make sure the flowers are not too thin
A product made of her raw cotton roses made with time for sale
Make sure the flowers are not too thin
This type of raw tea is very aromatic

In addition to the drying temperature, it is also very important to try good tea. Therefore, every day less than 6 am she was with the gardener choosing the first phase, choosing the second round at 9 am.

Choose two at this time, because the roses bloom properly, the embryo only a little, provide aroma for tea. Also, early collection, tea does not smell, but collecting flowers when hatching tea does not smell, the petals are not beautiful.

Pointing to the vast garden of roses, he inflates filtered buds, blooming before his eyes, Tuyet said that the roses collect cotton only 3000 square meters, the rest of the garden of its organic roses. , with an area of ​​about 3 hectares, you have to wait two months for a new cotton tea.

Make sure the flowers are not too thin
It is expected that Ms. Tuyet will continue to expand the area of ​​flower gardens to obtain tea, will satisfy part of the market demand.

Every day a garden of 3000 m2 for flowers is not much, products made too little for customers. She divided the tea into small vials, selling for 180,000-200,000 VND / bottle depending on the type. For this 1 kg of organic roses its price of raw cotton varies from 5-10 million VND / kg.

"There are many retail customers, there is a wholesale tea store, but now fewer products are prioritized in retail. Wait for the 3 ha garden to be collected and then meet the needs of guests," she said.

But to get the result, what is now, how much money has been accumulated for the purchase of land, buy 10,000 roses, buy a dryer, hire people … so far, the investment has reached about 2 billion. Fortunately, the rose garden started to gather and she has tea products to sell today.

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