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Ronaldo was told Italy to criticize the performance of the "nightmare" – 24 hour football

Thursday, January 31, 2019 14:06 (GMT + 7)

The main Italian newspapers brought the match with the broadest score last night between Atalanta and Juventus on the front page.

Video of some great moments of Ronaldo in the match against Atalanta:

As one of the biggest disappointing players last night, as well as the big name, but not many Italian newspapers show their boring pictures of Christiano Ronaldo. Who did it, instead of the CR7, is the attacker Duvan Sapata on the side of Atalanta, which doubled for Juve's network.

La Gazeta, Tutto Sport or Fanta Newspaper are all images of the Sapata with titles emphasizing the defeat of Juve because "Juventus collapsed in Bergamo", "Juve was suddenly knocked out of the Sapata" "Atalanta destroyed Juventus".

Meanwhile, the Corriere dello Sport or the Calcio Mercato lists included images depicting the grief of Juve's players, including Ronaldo. The question of Calcio Mercato asked: "Eating 3 is still a dream: where is the invincible Juve?" The English version of this sheet also calls the Roanldo play a "nightmare".

Juventus loses from carpet: Ronaldo told Italy to criticize performance

The performance of Ronaldo is called "nightmare"

Calcio Mercato also points to Ronaldo below average (4.5 points) with full power: "Do not create any danger, sometimes look worried and insecure. This is the worst Ronaldo we are seeing this season." The same below the average score as Ronaldo also has Dybala (4.5 points) and De Seglio (4 points).

Meanwhile, social networks are also rummaging with comments on Ronaldo. Ronaldo's "Juve" lost 0: 3, his fans are busy claiming whether Messi eats or not. "@AtalantaNow profile also reminds:" Tired, just stay, Ronaldo. I really do not care. "

In addition, the @ amoghmittal02 profile also gives interesting statistics: "1 FA Cup for 7 years in England, 2 Coupon Cups for 10 years in Spain, and was removed in Coppa Italy in the first season." This probably reflects Ronaldo's disobedience to domestic competitions.

Another reason is @ Ameymittal02, also said that "the fact that Juve bought Ronaldo is a step back, because in the past four seasons they are all crowned in Serie A and Copa Italia. Even in the first season to buy Ronaldo, things are not they walked smoothly ".

Atalanta - Juventus: Ronaldo's traps, a terrible tragedy

Ronaldo and his comrades experience the great moments of Atalanta.

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