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Real worries from "virtual living spaces" | News

The incident of female student Nguyen Ti HI (grade 9A student, Fu Nong High School, H. No Ti, Hun Yen) was brutally attacked by 5 friends, stripped of all her clothes, twisted and distributed clips of March 22, which made public opinion is really upset.

After the incident, the Provincial People's Committee of Yen Yen has a document on firearms that requires consideration of the responsibilities of related persons and organizations; Propose the provincial police to coordinate with the People's Committee and the HnT Police to quickly resolve the violations according to the provisions of the law. Review and deal with the responsibilities of individuals and organizations involved in the incident of school violence at Phu Ung High School.

Martial martial arts, fear

Real worries from

I feel upset when I see that young people use the standard deviation to make a "color" and live virtual, well-known online anyway. This will lead to distressed moral values ​​or even unlawful acts

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Ms. Nguyen Foon Lin, Director of the Institute for Sustainable Development Management

When the incident is being conducted by the authorities, the Facebook profile D.M.T reported a withdrawn "gang". H. Thi Thi requires students who are attacking you to "handle". It is not known how bad it is, but the picture associated with this status is the young people who surround themselves, flirting a young man who is tattooed and dragged – who once claimed to be "reborn from life" – does not make many people show surprise .

In fact, many netizens do not yet have to get acquainted with the name D.M.T, also known as the "sacred climb" in Bucknon. T. often filmed self-critical clips of indecent individuals, from celebrities to oppose, threatened to burn houses … on social networks (MHX), attracting millions of views.

After the period of "storm" on Facebook, in 2017, T. was tried by the Provincial People's Court Buck Nin and sentenced to 32 months in prison for crimes: violation of public order and destruction of property. At the end of 2018, T. was released from prison and was greeted on the Internet as a hero.

Similar to the "Phenomenon" DMT, K BanH Facebook profile, a young man attached to the images of tattooed gangs, professional shooting of lives, the creation of Facebook and YouTube, even with friends to line the highway to photograph and cope with the authorities, welcomed by the youth, please take pictures as idols.

Facebook's personal Facebook page. Up to 60,000 followers; His YouTube channel has nearly 2 million followers. K. Bahn often drinks videos with friends, flirts, swears, causing, holding weapons, a code-fixing code, playing cards … Recently, K. Ban does not hesitate to shoot video clips published on YouTube, threatening a journalist to raise concerns about the "phenomenon" of K. The extraordinary work, instead of resisting the "behavior" of K. Cana, some young people "flirt", even ask "brotherhood".

Together with DMT and K.Banh, there is another series of "phenomena" such as HHH, H.Đ, DT, QRB .. who also hailed as a "big anthem" with a series of clips that threaten this person , demanding that the "Army" clean the other. Even, H.H.H also has a "sharing experience" clip to make money with a loan with interest. These phenomena are greeted and there is also "the most notorious 10 Gypsy rank in Vietnam".

From a virtual network to real life

Several years ago, F.TTV (live PPThanh, Tang Fu District, Ho Chi Minh City) and VHTV (live in Da An, Bin Dong Province), the words and phrases of MHS should be published with each other challenging clips. . Soon afterwards, G.T.V.V.V. and VHTW dragged their friends, "fans" reached hundreds of people to meet on the pedestrian street Nguyen Hue "to fight". On the day of appointment, hundreds of teens from the groups GJTTV and V.H.T.V gathered on the street to go "Nguyen Hooke" to "fight".

The case attracted many curious people who focused on monitoring and causing public disorders. Accepting the news, Police P. Beng Nge was present to dismiss the crowd and bring 16 related people (including G.T.V.V.V.V. and V.H.TV) in the office.

In the final days of 2017, the MXH had a video clip longer than 30 minutes, capturing an image of a group of about 10 people standing on a highway through H. Phu Tho, cursing and holding knives, codes for blocking trucks and passenger cars "to ask for money". H. The Fu Nin police department investigated and called for youth groups related to the incident. 10 teenagers aged 16-18 claim that they had previously been drinking and called to bring high-quality guns to "shoot" each other. After that, this group of teenagers and boys intended to stop the car from "demanding money" and at the same time one person in the group shot life on his Facebook personal. Fu-Too's police department sued the 10 young men "just hijacked and lived" this.

On October 6, 2018, people living around the Nhi Thien Duong Bridge (Ward 6, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City) closed the door when two young mobs, hung gas workers, rushed to the battlefield. The incident caused turmoil in the area and 1 person was injured. When the police were present, the two gangsters escaped to escape. Through the investigation, police P.8 arrested six suspects linked to him. Through the investigation, the police found that the reason for the incident was due to NNT. and T.NTL.L. (head of 2 gangs), have conflicts in social media, so they meet to fight. Both of these gangs (about 50 people) prepare domestic knives, kitten codes, knives, iron pipes … and invite more young people to grow up to pray for the second generation to fight. Soon after, the P8 police controlled the situation and arrested the people involved.

Attract young people with standard deviations to "like" sentences, "share" sentences

After browsing through Facebook, YouTube's K-channel, the head of the Public Security Department's (C02) police department, said most clips are fighting, cursing, using weapons, playing cards. , portraying the life of a gangster group … He said that these are all acts that show signs of breaking the law.

Explaining the youth's phenomenon of advocacy for standard deviations in the living values ​​of social media, the director of the Sustainable Development Institute (NSS) Nguyen Foon Lin said that the K-map phenomenon is not the first case – which is nothing good, even and wrong – is popular among netizens, especially young people (in the past there were cases of BT, LR). Different from celebrities or KOL (Leader of key opinions: influential people in a certain field, well-known – HB) attract people with positive or least positive patterns and messages Interestingly, the case of a Gypsy youth attracts young people with standard deviations.

According to Ms. Lin, children and young people are curious and shallow, so the virtual network of this type of psychology affects the psychological desire of young people to "love" (like). "I'm not surprised when young people are attracted to such stories, but also quite timid when the case like K.BHH is" like "," share "breeding and welcoming as KOLs. While knowing it can be just instant movement, "how", "shared" for entertainment, because of curiosity, but also shows inappropriate behavior and behavior of people; not thinking, thinking and thinking before sharing, "said Lin.

Ms. Lin said that the virtual network is very real. Accordingly, online behaviors also shape the personal identities of digital citizens. Therefore, the promotion of standard deviations in a thoughtless manner also partly influences thinking about interaction, not just for fun.

"I feel nervous when young people tend to see the use of standard deviations to" color "and live virtual, familiar online online, but this will lead to distressed moral values ​​or even unlawful acts," Ms Lynn warned .

Ms. Ngo Van Huang, Sociology Expert, Ho Chi Minh's Institute of Personnel, said that there were standard deviations and had certain effects in real life. After that, due to the development of social media, the real world Gypsy began to produce "Gypsy" form of social media. These people promote the picture for many purposes to create an impact on some of the young people who do not have the courage. According to Huang, this phenomenon is increasing and spreading.

Why do some young people see the gypsy as "idols"?

MS Ngo Van Huan said young people often come to those who can meet "rebel needs," but they should not display real activities. Therefore, most lovers of "gangs on social networks" are young people who are in the process of self-affirmation and are not sufficiently absorbed in standard values. "Through this phenomenon, we can see the increased influence of social media. The success of" network gangs "in recent years is partly because it uses the wind to display, showing the wealth that made many people believe, admire … ", the MA award.

Nguyen Tien

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