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Quỳnh dolls set 26: Savior and forced escape, collision with Quynh Entertainment


After the wolf hired an anesthesiologist to record a sensitive picture of the peach to make her go, Quynh led Dao to my wolf home conversation. When the two sisters entered the house, Kien lay on the floor. "Tell me, you want to do something about it. You say, I will," Quynh opened his words. The wolf tells Quynh: "You are still the same, still the illusion of your power, the things you want to solve well, simple."

My wolf knife threatened to stab Quynh, keep Quynh calm. Wolf said he wants to hurt Quynh every time, but today he wants to treat it to Dao. My dog ​​is shouting Closer, Quynh encourages Dao to harden.

Quỳnh doll 26 episode: Savior and compassionate escape, colliding father Quynh - photo 1We wolves are not letting go of Quynh, Dao

"You are trying to ask your sister, from the past, anyone who dared to act on my possessions who is calm," my voice sounds accenting. She hugged to Dao, asked her why charming Kien. Justified, but My wolf did not let her have a chance, see the situation in which Quynh stressed the interference. The wolf looked like he was bitten by Kiena, who was lying on the floor and begging me to come back.

When Quynh said he did not want to forgive the Dao, Quynh said that the fault was Kiena's hand, besides, the wolf lost nothing, only Dao was a loser. "Shut your mouth, you mean it's innocent?" My wolf shouted. "They play together for me." Five times this guy wants to get his suitcase out of the house, he's at my house, he spends my money, he eats with my money, you want me to want something, I'd like to die together, "said my wolf.

Quỳnh 26 doll section: Rescue and cheating, collision of Father Quynh - photo 2 Madness, the danger of My Wolf is more and more visible

I did not expect, My wolf sells Dao to the stepfather Quynha. Hearing the conversation, they broke into the hit My, but it was hit. My wolfish eyes went crazy, warned, "You do not beat me, I can do things you do not know."

Quynh is worried that Tao called Nghia to help Nghia find the wolf, and her hands and legs hit the cat, threw him out of the house. Quynh, to find my home, Nghia was beaten up, crying. Wilk also added a kick to Nghia, saying that they are trying to treat every person.

A set of dolls Quynh 26: A successful escape for forced labor, a father colliding with Quynh - picture 3It means that my brother's wolf hit the wounded

Ever since My Dao was forced to drink drugs, Quynh greeted Dao to stay with us. Within a minute or two, Dao was forced to meet my wolf and was taken to a hotel to go to a guest – that's Quỳnh. Quynh and Nghia find my wolf home, meet Kien and know the address of the hotel. At that time, Thinh accidentally met Nghia, crashed in the car, Nghia thanks to Thinh's help.

Quynh was stopped by the receptionist to search her. Thinh told Quynh that he knew everything, turned to the dangerous receptionist that if he did not, he would report to the police. The receptionist was originally a snake, but then he saw Thinh calling himself.

Quỳnh dolls set 26: Savior and forced escape, colliding father Quynh - picture 4Digging is forced to the hotel, if he dares to escape, the tendons of the limbs will be cut

Quynh Quynh heard that the bell is still not open, but when he listens to the dangerous police, leave, threatening. Thinh fell in, Thinh pressed the guy to the corner and raised his hand: "You will play with my sister." The receptionist must break into the can, fearing the fight, please bring Thinh back.

Just when Quynh helped Dao dress up, she accidentally turned around and saw that his stepfather had curled up. She panicked and took a few seconds. He also called Quỳnh, stepfather. Quynh escaped. Memories of the past echoed so that the mind would get tangled up. Quynh, Quynh threatened his mother and accused him, but he was not afraid, he even threatened to quit Quynh.

Quynh 26 doll set: Successful escape for forced labor, colliding father Quynh - picture 5Quynh meets a dishonorable foster

Help escape the green beard claw, but do not worry, Quynh. Thinh asked Quynh why he had to get into such trouble. He asked her if she fell into a situation like Dao.

Thinh knew that Quynh's son in Vu's arms even tried to react to Vu when he asked Minh to invite his mother to play. Listen to the child's answer that the mother is a bad guy, Thinh is not afraid to ask Vu, but Vu is not easy to move. Thinh did not dare to tell the truth of Quynh, because Vu threatened him if Thinh had said that the child would be taken away from here.

Quỳnh dolls set 26: Savior and forced escape, the collision step Quynh - picture 6The Wolf is about to capture Quynh's secret

Quỳnh 26 doll section: Saver of forced escape, Quynh collided with his stepfather - picture 7Quỳnh's stepmother was killed many times in the past

After my unsuccessful sex trade, my stepfather asked for compensation for My Wolf, the condition is a re-meeting with Quynh. He did not tell the truth about the relationship with Quynh, so that's it, it's patrons. My wolf with a wicked mind, telling me that he wants to help me. She also said that Quynh is now a big family.

Quinn doll 26: Savior and compassionate escape, Quynh collided with his stepfather - picture 8Quynh advised Kien to leave Dao, because the more protection, my wolf, he went crazy

The wolf learns that Vu keeps Quynh's son, and knowing more about Quynh's relationship with his stepfather, he has a reason to hurt Quynh. More often than not, the wolf said that it was her joy to see how Quynh dies.

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