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Prosecution of former President of Vinashin and accomplices

The Supreme People's Procuratorate has just completed the charge of prosecuting the former Chairman of the Board of Members (member of the Board of Members) of the Vietnamese Shipbuilding Group of Vietnam (Vinashin) and three accomplices in connection with the "abuse and powers to appropriate property".

Prosecution of former President Vinashin and his accomplices - 1

Defendant Nguyen Ngots Su.

The four defendants were charged with "Abuse of employment and powers of appropriation of property" according to the provisions of point a, clause 4, article 355 – Criminal Code 2015: Nguyen Ngotz Su (born 1957, former Vinnashin Chairman of the Board of Directors, Tran Duk Qin (SN 1976, former Chief Accountant and Head of the Vinashin Finance Department), Truong Van Tuyen (SN 1950, former Director General of Vinashin) and Pham Tanh Sin (SN 1972, former Deputy Director General) Director Vinashin).

Certain indictment, the Vietnamese shipbuilding industry was established by the Decision of the Prime Minister no. 103/2006 / QD-TTg of May 15, 2006, which approves the pilot project of the Vinashin Economic Group. and Decision no. 104/2006 / QD-TTg from May 15, 2006 to the Prime Minister for the establishment of the parent company – Vinashin Group based on the reorganization of the management, the administration and the units. Membership accounts depend on the Vietnamese shipbuilding industry, which operates according to the model of the parent company – a subsidiary.

In 2010, Vinashin received a 2,200 billion VND from the Vietnamese Oil and Gas Group (PVN) to restructure this group and Government's 4,190 billion VND to boost its production and business capital. Although not permitted by the prime minister, Nguyen Ngotz Su, Truong Van Tuyen, Pham Tan Sung and Tran Chuq Qin took advantage of their positions and powers in managing the money, discussing and uniting the decision. Term deposits are made at Oceanbank, in order to apply the amount of money that a credit institution pays interest outside the deposit agreement.

Prosecution of former President Vinashin and his accomplices - 2

Defendant Truong Van Tuyen and Pham Tan Xun.

Ha Van Tam (former chairman of the Ocean Bank Board) had a policy of mobilizing capital and were willing to pay an external interest to depositors in this bank to lead Vinashin to decide on a timely deposit in Oceanbank.

From March 2011 to August 2014, Tran Duc Chinh received more than VND $ 105 billion, as representatives of Oceanbank paid interest outside. This amount, directly managed by Tran Duc Chinh, did not publish Winashin's income, in order to keep the books, the defendants took personal expenses, not in accordance with the regulations of the state.

The Supreme People's Procuratorate concluded that Nguyen Ngotz Su, Tran Douk Qin, Truong Tujian and Pham Tan Xi were responsible for criminal acts of abuse of functions and powers to seize more than $ 105 billion from Oceanbank.

Assessing the role of each of the defendants, the Supreme Supreme People's Procuratorate found Nguyen Ngoc Su as chairman of the Vinnashin Board of Directors gave a timely deposit plan to Oceanbank to adjust the interest of the bank. The crime is also the one who has decided to appoint Tran Duc Chinh to receive, rule and spend, using illegal money. The officer himself directly signed 12 contracts / transactions to deposit money in Oikenbank, which received 8 billion VND in person.

According to Truong Van Tuyen's authority, defendant Tran Duc Chinh directly signed many deposit agreements / transactions on Oceanbank; directly receive, manage and spend using the principle of interest beyond interest under the direction of Su, Tuyen and Son and occupy 10 billion VND.

As the general manager, Vinnashin's legal representative, defendant Truong Van Tuyen proposed the policy, directing the term deposit in Oceanbank; authorizing Pham Tan Xin and Tran Duc Chinh to deposit money in Oceanbank without the Government's consent.

Defendant Truong Van Tuyen directly signed 2 transactions / deposit transactions, did not direct the accounting of external interest in the accounting system of Winanshin. The defendant is also the one who proposed sharing and personal appropriation of 3.5 billion VND.

Defended Pham Tan Tan agreed with the policy and made a term deposit in Oceanbank, directly signed many contracts / transactions to deposit money in a bank without the consent of the legal representative, accounting for a personal gain of 1.2 billion VND.

The Supreme People's Procuratorate confirmed that Nguyen Ngotz Su and co-conspirators must jointly recover the entire amount of over 105 billion VND appropriated. At present, only Nguyen Ngoc Su, Truong Van Tuyen returns the amount of money that has been acquired with a total of 8.8 billion VND. The two defendants, Tran Duc Chinh and Pham Thanh Son, did not return the illegal amount of appropriation.

Tien Nguyen

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