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Press Conference for Ho Chi Minh City for Tu Teim

At 4 pm, the city of Ho Chi Minh will hold a press conference to provide information on the implementation of the Government Inspectorate's conclusions on the New Urban District of the Tyne Time.

In addition, the City will announce an area of ​​more than 4.3 hectares off the border of Tu Tem and handle complaints of people whose houses have been cleaned, renovated …

The city will also provide information on compliance with regulations for officials and public servants who violate public administration.

Earlier, on August 10, HCM's city People's Committee sent a document to the prime minister about the recovery of a state budget investment advance in the new city district, Tew Time, the sum of money. over 26,000 billion VND.

Press Conference for Ho Chi Minh City for Tu Teim
Thiem new urban area

The Ho Chi Minh City Committee said the process of implementing the Government Inspectorate's conclusions has some difficulties and problems in the formulation, approval and implementation of fees, support projects and relocation to new urban areas. Tue Time

Accordingly, Ho Chi Minh City has found that there are no legal documents or instructions from ministries and central agencies on the order, procedures and content of compensation, support projects and resettlement implementation. land permit when the state restores land. Therefore, the City asked the Prime Minister to designate the Ministry of Planning and Investment to assume the primary responsibility and to coordinate with the ministries and branches concerned to guide implementation.

Regarding the continuous payment of compensation, support and relocation to organizations and individual households whose land has been restored in the new urban area of ​​the TIME, the City People's Committee focuses on the following: Report 1483 to the Government Inspectorate. The city continues to balance and allocate budgetary capital to pay for compensation, support and resettlement with 4.39 acres in 1st Quarter, Bingh An Ward, 2nd District.

Press Conference for Ho Chi Minh City for Tu Teim
Thiem people complain of land acquisition, compensation and resettlement assistance

The FCC City Committee has said that to accomplish this task it must continue to approve adjustments and additions to previous compensation and site clearance and resettlement projects (approved by the Prime Minister in Official Letter 443/2007) thereby serving as a basis for additional case payments and long grievances.

The city also called for funding of more than 38.670 billion VN approved in 2010, the City proposing to the prime minister to retain the legal value of the city's competence in approving and adjusting the compensation project. , permit and relocation of projects. At the same time, there are updates and additional costs for compensation, support and resettlement in the area of ​​4.39 ha mentioned above.

Previously, the Temaem Task Force was divided into several groups with a three-day meeting with 331 households in the 4.3ha area to discuss and propose compensation issues.

Most households choose to exchange land, some choose to receive money. These options will be proposed by the working group to report to the Standing Committee of the City People's Committee, then to the party committees and the final step to submit to the City People's Council for opinions and a Resolution.

The city is expected to submit these plans at a meeting of the People's Council, expected on August 20.

Ho Chi Minh City calculates to recover the difference in rent in Thu Themem "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Ho Chi Minh City calculates to recoup difference in land rent in Tu Tem

The city of Ho Chi Minh will calculate the average land price of 26 million CND / m2 for BT projects in the TIME, designated to sell areas of the TIME commercial resettlement area without auction.

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