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Prepare 3 super products "great cannons" – 24h football

Friday, April 26, 20110 16:10 (GMT + 7)

Wu Douk Tung, the Thai son of blue, left the public's impression of the football championship in the 2019 national super-fine blockbuster championship.

3 blockbuster hits "rocket" by Wu Duku Tung (the copyrights of the piston belong to WTC):

Wu Duck Tung is not quite strange for futsal fans, as the 24-year-old is an important soccer pillar in Vietnam at the 2018 soccer championship. However, coach Miguel Rodrigo must stop the match. Asian schools lost 1-3 against Uzbekistan in the quarterfinals.

In the 2019 Futsal League, Wu Duk Tung of the Thai blue bat club admired the NHM when he scored 3 goals from free kick. Special work here, all 3 goals with very strong strength, the ball was dizzy and right, thanks to the slow rotation, the trajectory of the ball.

After 5 laps, Thai Blue Buck Club ranked 7th with 6 points, headed by Sahako with 12 points. Surprisingly, the Thai chess player Nahn lost 1-2 against Karditsain Saigon, so for the second time since the beginning of the tournament he missed the race at the top of the table, third place with 9 points.

Opening of the 2019 football tournament tournament:

The ruling champion Thai son Nam met with many difficulties before the rookie Quang Nam.

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