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Politburo Resolution: Join Industrial Revolution 4.0 to Make Success

Politburo Resolution: Join Industrial Revolution 4.0 to Hack - Photo 1.

Secretary-General and President Nguyen Yu Trong signed a resolution adopted by Politburo on a number of guidelines and policies for active participation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Accordingly, this Industrial Revolution opens up many opportunities, at the same time it poses many challenges and strongly influences all aspects of the life, economy and society of the country.

Politburo said that in the past, our country promoted the application, development of science and technology and innovation, increased accessibility and actively participated in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

However, the level of active participation of our country is low. Institutions and policies are still limited and inadequate. The structure and quality of human resources did not meet the requirements. The process of national digital transformation is still slow and lacking initiative due to the limited digital transformation infrastructure. The main reason for the above limitations is subjective.

Political Bureau Resolution: Join Industrial Revolution 4.0 to Hack - Figure 2.

According to experts, Industrial Revolution 4.0 will change the workforce in the digital field, including artificial intelligence, big data … – Photo: TTO

Therefore, the Politburo reiterated the need for active and active participation in Industrial Revolution 4.0. This is a particularly important strategic task that is urgent and lasting for both the political system and society as a whole. It must be borne in mind that taking the initiative to participate in the 4th Industrial Revolution is an opportunity for Vietnam to succeed in socio-economic development.

By 2025, the digital economy must account for 20% of GDP

The Political Bureau aims to develop a strong digital economy; fast and sustainable development based on science – technology, innovation and high quality workforce; improving the quality of life and well-being of people.

Specifically, by 2025 Vietnam must build digital infrastructure to reach the advanced level of the ASEAN region; Broadband covers 100% of communes. The digital economy accounts for about 20% of GDP; labor productivity will increase by over 7% / year on average. There are at least 3 smart cities in the 3 key economic regions of the North, South and Central.

By 2030, there will be a 5G mobile network nationwide; All citizens have low-cost broadband access. The digital economy accounts for over 30% of GDP; labor productivity will increase by 7.5% / year on average. The construction of digital government and the formation of a number of smart urban chains in key economic regions in the north, south and central region have come to an end.

By 2045, Vietnam will become one of Asia's leading manufacturing and service centers, start-ups and innovation centers; have high workforce productivity, be able to master and apply modern technology in all areas of socio-economic, environment, defense and security.

Building digital data for people to update information

To achieve the above goals, the Politburo requires innovation in thinking, unanimous awareness, strengthening of the Party's leading role, managing the state, promoting the participation of the Fatherland Front, socio-political organizations.

Accordingly, the basic content of the policy is to promote the development of science, technology and innovation in all fields and to promote digital transformation of the country, with a focus on the development of digital economy, building smart cities, e-government and the move to digital government.

In addition, improving the institution to facilitate active participation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the process of national digital transformation.

Completion of laws and policies on finance and monetary, electronic payment, tax administration and cross-border services in line with the development trend of the digital economy. Complete the public production policy and procurement orders for digital products manufactured by Vietnam.

In particular, the Politburo also requires the completion of financial policies to encourage and mobilize all social resources to invest in scientific research, technology development and application and innovation. .

Namely, the Politburo has appointed a mechanism for building a digital database of the Government and all levels of government, creating conditions for all citizens to update the necessary information on the operation of the apparatus. state

At the same time, building and refining the legal framework for sustainable development of smart city; defining a pilot roadmap and selecting smart urban pilot cities; enabled some specific mechanisms to be piloted in the implementation process.

The Politburo also outlined the policy of developing basic infrastructure by developing and synchronously developing a national data infrastructure. To form a national data system, regional and local data centers are connected synchronously and uniformly.

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