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Poisoning using "long legs" to lure gang debtors

Sunday, September 29, 2009 9:00 pm (GMT + 7)

Many times he sought a bow but failed, Zhao devised an extremely "poisonous" plan, using "long legs" to approach the victim.

On September 29, police investigated the Dream Trail Police Department in Ho Chi Minh City. Da Nang said, the unit is just pursuing the case, prosecuting the defendant against Nguyen Van Zhao (CN 1989); Nguyen Duk Truong (SN 1993) was staying in Nghe Province, and Woo Xuan Twin (SN 1993) living in Le Tuoy County, Kwang Bin Province, to investigate the illegal arrest.

Also related to the case, two other entities, Le Ti An An Tuiet (CN 1991) living in the Nai Chien Dong department, Dream Tra County and Nguyen An (SN 1989) living in Ba Ria – Wong Tau Province, are also competent to review and operate according to legal provisions.

Poisoning & # 34; long legs & # 34; fraudulent gangster thugs - 1

2 of 5 subjects in the investigation agency.

Initial results of the research showed that on the evening of September 16, at Mount Tra Tra, Ton Kwang Ward, Dream Tra District, Zhao and Truong, Twin controlled Dr Nguyen Shu. (CN 1989) lives in Han Lok County, Ha Tin Province to collect debts. The group set up Mr Hu's car, a BKS 81D – 288.31 and drove in a deserted place to force a debt recognition note of DON 150m. On the road carrying Mr. On returning to his place, he was discovered and arrested by Police Force 8394 from the Department of Too Kwang.

Regarding the case, there are many tragic details that the PA has recorded by investigators. Equity among the victims Dr. and Zhao has a business relationship. D. Zhao's debt was about $ 200 million, but he did not pay it.

Zhao has tried to raise debts many times, but has failed to think of a "very unique" strategy. Use "long legs" to approach the victim.

Le Thi Anh Tuyet – beautiful "long leg" beauty, selected by Zhao. Through discussion, Tuyet agreed with Zhao that he would approach and meet the victim. The ultimate goal is to make Mr. Ph.D. for the fallen into the trap of love, come first. Whatever is left will solve Zhao.

Poisoning & # 34; long legs & # 34; fraudulent gangster thugs - 2

"Long legs" Le Thi Anh Tuyet plays an important role in debt collection. Photo: WT

On September 16, after a long time of "long legs" flirting, the victim, Dr. Invite this beautiful girl to meet you for dinner. Just waiting for that, Touet reported to Zhao. Zhao calls for more Nguyen Anh. Anh found two entities specializing in debt collection, namely Truong and Twin.

Everyone gathered, and then – the cars followed, waiting for the Touet movement. For his part, after the meal, Tuyet "drew" Dr. That he wanted to find a lonely place to talk.

He thought he would meet the "muse," the victim's dr. I agree The two are running each other on an empty party on the Dream Trail Peninsula to talk happily. Seizing the opportunity, Tuyet reported him to Zhao.

Zhao led the group to Dream Tra, controlled for arresting Mr. Here, they forced the victim to write down a debt of 150 million VND.

At that time, the night patrol of the police in the department of Too Kwang discovered the incident, and then proceeded to intervene and capture the subjects.

Authorities are currently expanding the investigation into the case.

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