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Physical injury: Metaphor after winning 5 stars

Physical Injuries: Metaphor after Victory
The Brazilian striker was absent from the last team at Huddersfield this morning for minor injuries in the groin, and although Coach Clop assured fans that the injury was not serious, his chances of recovery for the semifinals at Camp Nou in the middle of next week is still a question mark.

More overwhelming rumors confirmed that the injuries sustained during the training session at the Melwood camp would make Firmino absent by the end of the season. But Clopp's words are more secure than rumors, and he said: "Bobby (Firmino) practically practiced on Thursday, with no intensity. We practice fixed situations. In the last situation, it felt a little painful, although I did not see it with my own eyes."

"Doctors diagnosed that he had a small tear in a very small muscle." Besides the word "torn", which sounds awful, everything is very positive. It was Bobi, so he was able to make it to Wednesday, although we could not be sure at that time Because it's Bobby, so I believe he will come back. "

"As for the bad news you are listening to, I want to say things are much better, but it's still enough to make Firmino unable to play today," Clopp said.

Firmino and Midfield midfielder Virgil van Dyck, who was injured in the Huddersfield match against Steve Mooney's stumbling block, were two players, Clop, who certainly did not want to lose on the domestic and European fronts. Bobby was compared to Klop as a machine operator of Liverpool with his ability to link the middle with the front. Before an opponent like Barca, Clop would probably give him a significant tactical role to Firmino. Liverpool should break the pace of playing Catalan club in the middle of the pitch and the frequent appearance of Firmino in this area is expected to limit the role of Sergio Busquets.

Although Liverpool won a big victory over Huddersfield, having one of their players was not fun. It can be said that Daniel Sturridge can not be a substitute for Firmino, as confirmed by his third Premier League this season, he played low and much less energy.

Liverpool has evolved, but Sturridge is not, and his contract was abandoned by the end of the season. The only positive thing she brought did not disturb other positions, unlike Divock Origi. Each time Clopp agreed Origi to replace Firmino, he had to change a series of roles on the pillars for the attack, as the Belgian striker was not a midfielder.

Neither Sturridge nor Origi are perfect substitutes for Firmino, which causes problems for Klopp. He will do with the upcoming schedule, 6 matches in 3 days, starting with the meeting with the students of Ernesto Valverde. Liverpool will meet Newcastle United at this hour next week at the St. James Park before returning to Anfield to host Barca in a return match on May 8.

Behind the troubles, Clop still can laugh at the return of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, for the first time after a injury injury to Romania's knee injury in the Champions League semi-finals of the last season. 367 days ago. The former Arsenal player even had a chance to score from the first touch with an impressive lead, but the finish was not strong enough to beat Jonas Los.

"We need to be careful with him, because the intensity of the Premier League is very cruel for a player who has long been held," Clop said of the Vox case. "If that's the goal, maybe the best goal of the season should be. It's great to lead to an unlucky shot, but this is an important step for him and for us.

After all, Firmino's name is still the most anticipated. The copies of the stands sang the famous song "Si Senor" for the 27-year-old striker, including the phrase "Spend the ball to Bobby and he will achieve it". Liverpool fans wait next week to be at the Nou Camp, and this song will again be more heroic.

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