Saturday , January 23 2021

People in Con Dao hide meat and eggs in a refrigerator

Collect more than 20 kilograms of organs, 60 kilograms of meat and lots of eggs to sell for profit, the man was called to investigate.

The number of meat ticks forces the function taken from the fridge. Photo: Truong Ha.

The number of steaks hidden in the refrigerator. Photo: Truong Ha.

On April 16, police in the area of ​​Da Da (Ba Ria-Vung Tau) coordinated with the forest protection authorities to inspect the house in residential zone No.3, 20 kg of organs, 60 kg of meat, 60 eggs, 4, 5 kg of unripe eggs … from the glass is hidden in the freezer.

The owner said, her husband when catching seafood at sea, bought meat and eggs from rake boats to sell for profit.

The police made a record of confiscating all the exhibits and calling on the husband to investigate.

Chichonia mydas (scientific name Chelonia mydas) is a species of sea turtle in the list of rare and endangered species protection priorities. Those who hunt, kill, restrict, transport and trade are fined from 500 million MKD to 2 billion VND or are imprisoned for 1-5 years under Article 244 of the Criminal Code.

Recently, a resident of Con Dao transports 116 eggs for sale, fined for 18 months.

Nguyen Hoa

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