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People from the city left the city to escape heat, the train was taut

Record in the area around the bus station Miyen Dong in the afternoon of 26th and morning of April 27th, vehicles are slowly moving. Many passengers need to jump down and throw themselves at the bus stop to buy tickets. The number of vehicles in the station is overcrowded, the lines of passenger cars are arranged on the street.

Customers can buy tickets, but still have to wait for hours to make the situation wait for the bus stop to fill.

People from the city left the city to escape heat, the train was highlighted - 1
The office is always overloaded
People from the city left the city to escape heat, the train was taut - 2
Many people have to travel a lot of places, look for bookings for websites …
People from the city left the city to escape the heat, the train was highlighted - 3
Long holidays, so my luggage to go home is pretty much

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thoa (Buon Ma Thuat City) said: "I came to the city from the morning to check in the hospital" Help. "Now I'm returning. Tickets for this occasion are very difficult to buy and order any cars and do not have tickets yet. I have to go to the station and wait for me to go, so I put the car too hard, from 12 o'clock until now, I have a ticket and I have to wait 23 hours to go to the bus. "

Nguyen Van Douk (University Security for People) bought a ticket to Ninh Tuan to share: "Due to the characteristics of my school, I do not know the exact date of the holidays, so it's difficult to book tickets. This ticket is my mother through many cabs for tickets, fortunately, has a friend who can not go, so I can buy it. "

The busiest care of bus stations is not preparation and service, but the state of road congestion to the bus station and from the bus station to the provinces, leading to delays affecting the status of the general service. .

People from the city left the city to escape heat, the train was highlighted - 4

The car is constantly rotating the car. Ship brands these days are also without passengers, difficult to buy

Saigon Railway Joint Stock Company said that on the occasion of holiday holidays on April 30 and May 1, Saigon Railway will organize another 87 trains, mainly for tourist sites for development many sites.

In addition to the steamers operating on the North-South railway line, from April 25 to May 5, the railway industry will strengthen some trains to meet people's travel needs.

Accordingly, there will be 87 trains with more than 43,000 seats to be strengthened in the steps between Saigon Station and some tourist sites such as Phan Thiet and Nha Trang … and some routes have a high demand for travel. Saigon – Qui Nhon, Quang Ngai, Nha Trang to Tua Thien Hue …

Depending on the actual situation, the company will organize more trains to serve people. Travelers who want to buy tickets can visit the or website at the railway stations, railroad agents …

People from the city left the city to escape heat, the train was taut - 5
On the occasion of April 30 – May 1 this year, people receive a 5-day break, so it is expected that the number of passengers returning home or tourism will increase, mainly from Ho Chi Minh City to the provinces of Kuang Ngai onwards. Central Highlands, tourist spots like Nha Trang and Phan Thiet …

From the bus station Mien Dong, the roads leading to the bus stop and the car are constantly on and off. From time to time, the line from the bridge Bin Trie to the bus station is in conflict with the automobile line from Hang Khan at the National Highway 13 to the bus stop, causing traffic in the area in front of the bus stop on the road to Dean Bo Bo Lin for stagnation. in the room.

People from the city left the city to escape heat, the train was highlighted - 6
In particular, the uncontrolled functioning of the automobile terminal, although spontaneously incompatible with the eastern bus terminal, also made the situation more serious. Many taxi, rake, taxi motorcycle riders should be downloaded to run or go to the bus stop.
People from the city left the city to escape heat, the train was taut - 7
In the port, waiting packs are filled with passengers, most of them are travelers who buy tickets in advance and have gone to the station and are waiting to climb over time.

Tan Tam, a student at the University of Natural Sciences, is waiting for the bus to return to Quang Ngai and said: "Yesterday I arrived here at 6:30 am to buy tickets and I still did not have tickets to go out. Fortunately someone gave a ticket, so I had the chance to get back. "

In some ticket counters in provinces such as Khanh Hoa, Quang Ngai and Dac Lac … there are many travelers looking to buy tickets. Many people even tried to buy a ticket to go home, but after many hours there was no ticket.

Ms. Tran Thi Thoa, who works in Nha Be County, is looking for a Dak Lak and Huynh Cong Su ticket, asking to buy tickets for Nha Trang, saying: "I went to buy a Dac Min ticket, but I did not have a ticket and I went to some stalls without, out of tickets. I go one day, I'm afraid tomorrow it will be difficult to get tickets, but I will go too, for example, Hoang Lonn has only tickets in the evenings, I went to Nga Trang without tickets. here until afternoon if all the tickets go for that ticket. "

The representative of the bus station said that today, the number of passengers passing through is only about 25-30 thousand, and the top will fall on April 28 with about 48,000 visitors. The bus station also made every plan ready to serve the passengers in every situation.

And Mr. Nguyen Min Tien, Operations Manager, Western Bus Station, said he expects on April 27th to reach 55,000 visitors. The peak of the holiday will be tomorrow with the forecast that the number of passengers crossing the terminal can reach 62-65 thousand passengers, which is 2% more than the same period last year.

Ben also fully prepared the car badges, plans 50 buses to ensure the release of passengers when increasing. The security and order in the port and the roads in front of the bus station are focused.

However, as far as the bus station in the West is concerned, the situation with traffic jams on the roads to the West and from the West to the bus station will lead to delays that will affect the overall state of the service.

Cat Lai ferry terminal still uses only 5 ferries to service and can be increased to 6 ferries. The number of ferry passengers is expected to be around 70-75,000 and the ferry terminal will use all 7 ports to serve passengers on the highest days. The peak customer service will be April 30 and May 1, flooded in the afternoon of Dong Nai to Ho Chi Minh City with the forecast that the number of tourists can reach nearly 100 thousand times.

According to Mr. Nguyen Tan Taan, deputy director of the Youth Volunteer for Ferries Management, who is in charge of the Cat Lai ferry, the ferry still carries out procedures to transfer another 200-tonne ferry from the ferry Veyg better serve the passengers during the holidays.

Mr Nguyen Tan Tuan recommended that passengers adhere to the flow, avoid going back and have children with children to choose the right timeframes … "Families with children will also be affected. It is recommended that young people go earlier, to return later because the ferry terminal operates 24 hours a day. Families with children avoid the time frame 8-10 and 16: 00-18: 30, because it is impossible to avoid congestion, "Tuan said.

To ensure traffic safety, to limit congestion, forces such as the Ministry of Transport traffic police inspectors have also increased their forces and opened peaks to serve people.

Particular attention should be paid to ensuring road safety around the bus station and the city ports.

Mr. Pham Le Lam, deputy head of the advisory team, Inspector of the Ho Chi Minh City Transportation Department, said: "The department inspector coordinates with bus stations to propagate vehicle owners, drive vehicles in accordance with the provisions the laws when they participate in the traffic, providing technical safety conditions for vehicles and drivers before they leave the port. In addition to strengthening the inspection bar at the bus stop, other locations often have complicated or unpaid actively you to greet guests, they will coordinate with the traffic police to strengthen the handling according to their competence. "

The weather this year continues to prolong the hot sun, it will be harmful to people, so the authorities also recommend that passengers choose the proper route of transportation, avoid the occurrence of unfortunate incidents. .

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