Saturday , April 17 2021

"Only the new Silver Corps can accelerate the D-button variable"

The story of the variable speed button D or F is always the theme "old as a country" that is discussed and debated by gamers. People think that the F button is more beneficial, because F is closer to … Flash – variable speed. People think that button D is more useful. Rebellious games even had a poll on this issue. It was a survey that took place three years ago and the data showed that the number of players who set the variable speed button = F was slightly higher than the D key.

League of Legends: Solo with fans, Faker said:

The number of people using variable-speed F-key is only 6% higher than the D-key

However, the data show that the winning speed when setting the speed with button D is higher than the F key. This rate is not much, only 0.2%. According to this survey, the number of players ranked Cao Thu and above on servers in Korea and North America often sets the variable speed as a key D at a significantly higher rate.

League of Legends: Solo with fans, Faker said:

However, the winning D key is slightly higher

League of Legends: Solo with fans, Faker said:

Of course, everyone knows that setting speed with key D or button F is not as important as chances are almost equal. But the legend of the village LMHT in the world, the monument can not be pulled down, the immortal King Demon – Faker disagrees.

In the last run, Fucker had his free time and made 3 solo games with spectators. The prize is a telephone card of $ 5 to $ 10 if the viewer can win the SKT player in the middle of the ribbon.

In the first game, Fucker met Lee's solo soloist. The youth of the Silver Union suddenly included the general conversation and asked if it was reasonable to set the speed with the key D? Faker was quite surprised by this setting. The defending LKK champion in the spring of 2019 confidently declared: "I will never allow the opponent to use speed with the key D to defeat."

League of Legends: Solo with fans, Faker said:

And, of course, with superhuman skills and skills, Fucker is not hard to defeat Li Blue Silver Man. Until the final match, another player from the Silver Group was happy to enter Faker's room. Jealous, this man sought solos Zed with Demon King to prove his talent.

Unexpectedly, Fucker suddenly said: "Why do you want to use speed with a key D? " Next, the midfielder of the SCT also sincerely said: "If you use the variable speed with button D, you will never escape the silvery age. You can not set the speed button = D".

League of Legends: Solo with fans, Faker said:

And in this Sol solo match, the Korean legend also easily surpassed the opponent.

Obviously, Riot Games gave figures indicating that setting a speed with the key D or F key is not important for the winning rate. But Fucker learned so, surely Demon King has his own reason?

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