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No, De Bruyne, the magic of Sterling's pound


Thursday, 8/11/2018, 16:06 (GMT + 7)

City did not need De Blanch's support most of the time in the first game. But still a boom, because Sterling is so good.

Watch the movie Sterling scored two goals and two tectonic Southampton:

The city of De Bruyne is still sublimated

Man City won the Southampton 6-1 victory to officially take first place in the Premier League. After 11 rounds, Guardiola's teacher scored 29 points, scored 33 goals and never tried a defeat.

Man City MU: No, De Bruyne, Super Superstar - 1

De Bruyne played 82 minutes in the Premier League this season

This city's achievement is highly rated by professionals. Please note that Guardiola did not have De Bruyne, the best player in the previous season. The Belgian midfielder suffered a knee injury and was expected to rest until December.

From the beginning of the season, De Bruyne played 82 minutes in the Premiership and did not play in any games and did not contribute to any of City's goals. So you can say that City and Coach Guardiola "accepted" the rest of the best Premier League players in the second half.

But Man City is still in the top two. In addition to the Premier League mentioned above, Green Man has also returned to the top of the Group A Champions League after the shock battle.

Sterling turns into superheroes

The Manchester City business continued to make incredible progress Sterling. In Guardiola, the English midfielder is a completely different version of what was shown at the 2018 World Cup.

Man City MU: No De Bruyne, Pep Sterling Superstars - 2

Sterling became a "superhero" when Pep was coaching

Sterling has played nine games in the English Premier League this season. Directly scored 6 goals and scored 5 tectonic lines for his teammates. Sterling scored fewer goals than Aguero (7), and next to Mendy he was the most titled Manchester City.

Wider statistics, Sterling deserves to be called "Superman." Earlier last year English midfielder made 24 goals and 16 assists. In total, he put in 40 goals for Man City in the Premier League. This achievement defeated Harry & # 39; Kane & # 39; a (36 goals, 3 assists), Sergio Aguero (20, 18), Lukaku (20, 7) and Hazard (19,8). Only Salah succumbs to the Pound Sterling (37, 13).

See the amazing style SterlingManchester City board wants to "tie up" with the new contract. According to Guardiola, Sterling deserves to be in the ranks of the irreplaceable players in Etihad. That is why the British midfielder received a contract by 2023 for 300,000 pounds a week.

Manchester City will host Manchester United without De Bruyne over the weekend, but with the rest of the players, Sterling, Pepsi, promises Mourinho will be more unhappy.

Statistics contributed directly to the goal from the beginning of 2017/18 to the present:

Player Objectives Create General
Salah (Liverpool) 37 13 50
Sterling (Man City) 24 16 40
Kane (Tottenham) 36 3 39
Aguero (Man City) 28 10 38
Sane (Man City) 13 18 31
Lukaku (MU) 20 7 27
Gambling (Chelsea) 19 8 27
Manchester ruling football: the English Barca pair is 100 million pounds

Man CIty is ready to break a 100-million kickbox from a casino in France.

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