Saturday , August 15 2020

Ngo Khan Ngo is not the worst, Angela Baby haunts Weibo

The Chinese village of entertainment known for its numerous male idols, each with a different temperament but excellent as Angela Baby, Ngo Khan Ngong, Di Le Lechette Ba, Tran Vie Dean, Ngo Herons, Woo Dang Na, Victoria f (x) Tang Thach, … However, despite possessing A-class, these are the "big expressions" that make people feel overwhelmed at times. Too many, there are many cases where fans have to cry over idols.

Moment of "obsessive-compulsive" moment caused by Ngo Kan Ngon's "Command Jie" in the recently released

Apparently Hugo Khan Ngong was crying out for help, but in fact, the big brother holding a gun behind him looked even more panicked.

The eyes of the beauty "Diene Hi, Luok" makes other people be amazed and blurred by the overused expression

Ngo Can Ngon "too much" when acting scenes made netizens laugh

And this is Angela Baby's stunning smile

These white eyes of wife Huang Xiaom have long been obsessed with netizens from China.

Tong Bin's expression as if he meets a demon when … there are problems in the elevator

"My Nan Ngu" Lam Duan was frightened with a thin face and wide eyes

Tran Wei Dean's painful moment when his lover died made many people cry and laugh, not knowing if he was doing comedy or not.

Controversial crying scene of Lan Zhou's "Crying Tung Ngon"

This startling moment has caused Luan to be criticized as "extinct" for a long time.

"Xinjiang Beauty" Dime Le Ba and the expressive moment did not bring emotions to the audience

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