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Musician "Traveling with a Fatherland" was just arrested with the female giant Bach Diep?

Saturday, January 26, 2019 14:36 ​​(GMT + 7)

Former director of the Music Music Center in Ho Chi Minh City has been named a very famous musician.

According to the latest information, due to mismanagement in management while holding the post of director of the Ho Chi Minh Music Music Center, musician Va Nhat Tao was indicted by the investigative agency and executed an arrest warrant for acts violating the regulations governing and exchanging public funds at the Music Music Center under Ho Chi Minh's Ministry of Culture.

Together with the criminal prosecution of this crime, there are also former deputy chairman of the Ho Chi Minh National Committee, Nguyen Tah Tai and Trans Tran Thang, deputy director of the Ministry of Finance of Ho Chi Minh; Nguyen Tan Rum, former director of the Ho Chi Minh Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, broke the law with the company Diep Bach Duong (led by Ms Dong Bai Diep), causing losses and damages. serious for state property.

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Musician Nhat Tao was charged with the case of female giants Diep Bahh Duong

Speaking of your musician Nhat Tao, he associated himself with many famous songs at once Love with each other's hatred, traveling with a passenger boat, I love Vietnam, spring loves, Please do not break love letters...

His compositions are very popular with the audience because of the young, easy to sing tune, easy to go to the hearts of people. In particular, he used the material of folk songs well.

In the past 15 years, the composers of this musician have been performed by many famous singers such as Quang Linh, Dan Truong, Dam Vinh Hung, Cam Ly, Dinh Phuoc, Ngoc Linh, V.Music group …

Can point through songs like They love each other (Quang Linh), Spring steps (Bran Wine Hung), Saigon rap (Dan Truong), Domestic boat trip (Thu Hien, Van Khanh, Cam Ly), I love Vietnam (V.Music), Please do not break the love letters (Dean Fuchu), Spring love (Ngoc Linh) …

Previously, the song They love each other The composer of this song is very much loved by young people with young and contemporary verses: "Love one another, also climb to the mountains, the rivers also faded, pass and pass. Love each other does not disturb the distance, one day does not come, three or four days … ".

Listen to the singer Quang Lin singing the song "Love each other to hate"

The 63-year-old musician was born in Da Lat (Lam Dong) and was founded in Ho Chi Minh City. He was director of the Music Music Center at Ho Chi Minh, who graduated from the composition of the University (system of professional development) of the concert music of the HCMC. He was admitted to the Association of Musicians at the HCMC, the Vietnamese Music Association.

He won the Medal for Cultural and Public Cultural Career Award, a commemorative medal for art and literature, a commemorative medal for youth volunteers.


Musician Nguyen Van Chung said the shortcomings in "spending the temple" songs until it was revealed just turned out to apologize.

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