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Miss Snow Russia drew attention to the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival

On the nose and controversy of Ngoc Trinh with the costume "but not worn" costume, the Cannes Film Festival red carpet on the sixth day of the event noted the presence of another Vietnamese beauty. . It is "Miss Ao Dai Vietnam 2019" Tuyet Nga. Beauty was born in 1991 and is divided, she received an invitation to join the Cannes Film Festival from the Organizing Committee of this event, but still folded it, organizing time to be present.

After the release of the red carpet on the 6th day of the Cannes Film Festival, before the premiere of the film "Frankie", the Toujit Nga drew attention to the chic fashion style and brought the spirit in Vietnamese way. Accordingly, the beauties choose to wear a yellow dress designed by the traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai. Before embroidered embroidered dress, the back is tied with a picture of a lotus flower, the body of the skirt is styled between the traditional long dress and overalls, showing sexy and seductive bare back.

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Tuyet Nga drew attention to international media when it appeared at the Red Carpet event in Cannes in 2019

Sharing this impressive outfit, said Tsuet Nga, since she is named "Miss Ao Dai Vietnam 2019", she wants to show how to show her delicate beauty and bring the spirit of the people. Ethnic affiliation of the traditional Ao Dai. Therefore, when preparing to go to a film festival in Cannes, Tuyet Nga asked designer Ha Dui to create his unique dress with details that contain the breath of Vietnamese cultures. The wonderful woman trusted, she knew that the Cannes Film Festival is a very crowded space for guests, artists and international media, and this is a very good opportunity to promote the image and beauty of Vietnamese people and country. .

"My clothes were inspired by the innovative Ao Dai and the national flower of Vietnam. With so many details, I think that international guests and journalists will be able to realize immediately that I am from Vietnam." "That's what I always crave and hope for." – Miss Tuyet Nga confessed.

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Tuyet Nga surely acted in front of international "paparazzi"

According to Tuyet Nga, she found that she should try to have a prominent appearance of the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, but not with a sexy, sexy image, but still needs to be gentle and elegant. Also, the image is the orientation that Tyut Nga wants to build for itself since, especially after the crowning of "Miss Ao Dai Vietnam 2019".

Speaking about the first appearance of the Cannes Film Festival, the red carpet and the attraction of many people, including international journalists, Tuyet Nga is proud because, although not as famous as many stars. here, but she is very proud and happy to see her clothes she wants to wear, people may know that she is Vietnamese.

"For the first time in my life, I felt so happy and proud I achieved what I want to show the cultural beauties of Vietnam to international friends. I also thank many international journalists and journalists for their attention on me ". – Snow Russia touched the expressions.

Ice screen shows event red carpet Cannes Film Festival stopped for about 3 minutes to display the image for Snow Russia. After showing the movie "Frankie", the image of Tuyet Nga also appeared on several prestigious international websites and newspapers such as Getty Images, EPA …

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Tuyet Nga shared, after attending the Cannes Film Festival, she had some plans in France before returning to Vietnam on May 23 to prepare for musical projects in the near future.

Tuyet Nga was born in 1991 from Thanh Hoa. After the crowning Miss Vietnam Ao Dai 2019, it became the name of the Vietnamese amusement industry thanks to the image of a multi talented entertaining star with a beautiful figure, a bright face and rich vocals. contact. Presently, the beauties are planning to release some music videos and albums from now until the end of the year. In addition, it is to continue to cultivate ourselves to become a multi talented artist, as well as to fulfill the obligations in my Missing mandate.

Let's see some great pictures of "Miss Vietnam Ao Dai 2019" Tuyet Nga on Cannes Red Carpet 2019:

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