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Messi again introduced the Argentinean's dream of telecommunications to fall apart, waiting to defeat the General of Football in Vietnam for 24 hours

Friday, February 1, 2019 00:09 (GMT + 7)

Immediately after winning a Barcelona victory against Sevilla in the Nou Camp, Lionel Messi announced the good news for Argentina's fans, while "Albicheleste" desperately needed the biggest goal this year.

Messi's video for the goal against Sevilla at the end of the 1/8 round of the Royal Cup:

Barca this year entered the quarter-finals of the Royal Cup in the most spectacular way possible. They lost 0-2 against Sevilla as Ramon Sanchez Pijouan's guests in the first round of the round one week before and then on January 31 to win against rival Andalusia 6-1 in the second match at Camp Nou.

In the "destruction" of Barca just before the team of Pablo Mashin, Lionel Messi is one of the brightest stars. The Catalan Giant captain helped create once Sergio Roberto scored in the 54th minute before scoring 6-1 for Barca 90 + 1.

Messi re-introduces Argentina's dream to overthrow the match, waiting to defeat the U23 general of Vietnam - 1

Messi shook the defense of Sevilla

It was the 19th goal of Messi in La Liga this season, helping him to continue and exceed the second place on the list, teammate Luis Suarez at 4 tables for highlighting the title "Pichichi" (shooter) no. 1 Spain for the third consecutive year.

In the middle of the performance of Barca, he is flourishing, Messi He also added good news to his fans in Argentina. According to the evening standard, the 31-year-old star will again inform Albacete to play two friendly matches against Venezuela and Morocco on March 22 and 27 this year.

Previously, Messi did not play a single game for Argentina's Argentina, because after his home town lost to France 3-4 in the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

The re-launch of La Pulga Atomica will also be used by you and the Tango team this time. Argentina welcomes the important return of the captain, the most important attacking star. Meanwhile, Messi has two important competitive matches to regain his sense of recruitment before joining Argentina in the 2009 campaign of the Copa America.

On the Brazilian tournament from June 14 to July 7, Argentina is in Group B with rivals Colombia, Paraguay and guests from West Asia – Qatar. Messi will have a chance to face Colombia's famous attacking stars, such as Falcao, James Rodriguez and Juan Cuadrado, who were surprised by the host of the UAE to enter this year's Asian Cup.

Qatar's current coach is Felix Sanchez, who led the U23 squad to lose for the penalties against Vietnam U23 coach, Park Hang Seo, in the semi-finals of Asia U23 last year in China. The war in mid-June will have the opportunity to meet the Qatari team to face Messi and his team in the Copa America in 2019.

Messi again introduced Argentina's dream to break the match, waiting to defeat U23 champion Vietnam - 2

Coach Felix Sanchez with U23 Qatar lost from U23 Vietnam to the Asian U23 tournament in 2018

Messi is desperate to wipe out his grief when the Argentine team lost two consecutive finals in the Copa America in Chile and Copa America Centanario 2017 (in the United States) before Chile.

Earlier, Barcelona's number 10, also with the Tango team lost from Germany 0-1 in the 2014 World Cup finals.

Ronaldo Quiet, Messi Sublimated: Turn the race between the two legends

Together with 90 minutes on the pitch, but what Messi can do will make Ronaldo sad.

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