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May Fuong Tuj hospitalized on an emergency day near Tet, the fans are worried

Thursday, January 31, 2019 08:47 (GMT + 7)

May Fujong Tui shared photos of hospitalization due to exhaustion and stomach pain, at the same time asked netizens.

Last night, May Fuong Tui suddenly shared Instagram's photos of the hospitalized with the title: "Near Tet is still going on urgently because of pain in the stomach and exhaustion … Fortunately, beauty is not affected."

May Fuon Tuj hospitalized on an emergency day when he approaches Tet, the fans are concerned - 1

Frustrated, Miss still has no luck

A person who regularly updates social media information every day, Miss gets a lot of public interest with hundreds of thousands of followers of Instagram. So, as soon as the photo was publicly announced, many fans came to ask about health and expressed concern about the beautiful people.

May Fuon Tuj hospitalized on an emergency day is approaching Tet, the fans are concerned - 2

The image of the post-hospital hospital forced fans to complain, constantly asking about health

Many leave comments: "Oh, it's too dangerous", "It's still nice, went to a state of emergency, it loves you well", "Health is more important! Expired, why are you coming to Tet," "making money is a good thing , but still has the strength to earn money is another thing. Here, money should also pay attention to your health, a bit. Where will the money I earn for years will be like a winning car that will run for a doctor and hospital without stop? Love Tui to restore his health to greet the spring that comes to all "…

May Fuon Tuj hospitalized on an emergency day near Tet, fans are worried - 4

Post status informing the health status again ridiculously said that it does not affect beauty, but Miss still fans "criticized" for lack of attention to health

In particular, the "male god" Noo Fuuk Thin – a man whose name was mentioned recently, but did not comment, but many fans of the singer did not hesitate to demand a direct "lover" rumor about Noo: "Maybe Mr. Noo came to visit me "," Where is my handsome man "…

Although gradually withdrawn from artistic activities for almost 7 years, but whenever Miss Vietnam 2006 appeared, quickly became the focus of many lenses because of the beauty of "no age" of the beautiful people. After many years of inactivity, fans continued to give their special love, often interaction on social networks, which is not something that every former Miss has.

Before Mai Phuong Thuy, there were also many beautiful people on Vbiz who were too eager to work with a busy schedule that made their health seriously affected. In addition, the audience is extremely worried when the strict amenities for maintaining the standard body also affect the body more or less.

May Fuon Thay first talked about the scandal with

"It's also due to this controversial picture that helps me to realize that my body is very charming," May Foon Tui is witty.

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