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Many police in Cao Bang disciplined for accepting gifts of 3.7 billion cars

According to the head of the Cabinet of the Provincial People's Committee Cao Bang, information from the Government Inspectorate was immediately after the press release, "Cao Bang has one case of car ownership worth 3.72 billion HND, contrary to regulations"This agency has conducted an investigation and investigation into the incident.

"This is an incident that happened to the police in Cao Bang province. Business donated a Land Cruiser car worth VND 3.72 billion to the provincial police business division, not to any individual, "he said.

However, the Ministry of Public Safety indicated that the receipt of such high value cars was not in compliance with the regulations, so it requested to handle this gift in accordance with the law. At the same time, in 2018 the Ministry of Public Security disciplined many responsible officers in the Kao Bang police department.

Many officers in Cao Bang province have been disciplined for accepting 3.7 billion CND car gifts - 1

Offshore cruise cars (artwork).

"Dealing with the officials involved in how to get specific Land Cruise cars is unknown to us because the police are vertical," said Peoples' Cabinet Chief Cao Bang. add

In the meantime, a representative of the Government Inspectorate on October 11 confirmed the PA Intellectual people the incident of receiving a donation of 3.72 billion dong happened to the Cao Bang police. This information was extracted from the Government Inspectorate from the report of the Cao Bang People's Committee on Anti-Corruption in 2019 for the forthcoming National Assembly meeting.

The Government Anti-Corruption Inspectorate's report for 2019 has just been submitted to the Government for sending to the forthcoming National Assembly Assessment Meeting, the implementation of the Gift Regulations, and the Government's gift delivery. Thoroughly understand, direct and rigorous implementation, especially during the Lunar New Year 2019.

According to statistics across the country, there were 9 cases of return of gifts totaling NND 4.172 billion, of which 2 cases of non-compliance with regulations, disciplined warnings of 5 persons, abduction of 1 person and sack of 1 person breaks the rules.

In which, the province of Thailand Bingh has two cases of HND 100 million, Tien Giang has one case with HND 50 million, Vin Hutch has one case with HND 120 million. The two cases of non-compliance with the regulations include: the city of Ho Chi Minh with an amount of 150 million CNN and Cao Bang, there is a case of receiving 3.72 billion CNN.

The Government Inspectorate said that in order to improve the effectiveness of the application of the Gift Control and Gift Receiving Regulations, preventing the abuse of good traditions of corruption, giving bribes, the Government was considering publishing new gift gift regulations, receiving and returning gifts. gifts; provides for persons with positions and powers not to receive, directly or indirectly, gifts from agencies, organizations, units or individuals in any form, provided that they are related to the workplaces with which they work or are managed. his reason

In the event of rejection, agencies, organizations and units must organize gift management and handling strictly in accordance with regulations. Those who violate the regulations on receiving and giving gifts will be treated strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Disciplining Officers, Public Officials and Public Officials and sanctioning administrative violations in the area of ​​management and use of funds. state production.


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