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Loss of a 5 billion deposit to buy a house when discovering the terrible truth

– People buy a lot of money, but do not buy because they discovered the terrible truth, but the court ruled that it can not return the money.

The villa at 3899 Cartier, Vancouver, Canada is surrounded by high tiles for paving, sour cherry and chestnut sidewalks. 748m2 villa, but real estate investors Shao Feng Yun do not want to buy. Shao revealed Raymond Huang Hong Chao, the notorious chief of the triad, was killed at the gate in 2007, during the gangs' bailout.

The court in British Columbia and Canada ruled that Shao was not allowed to return the $ 220,000 (about $ 5.11 billion VND) deposit to buy a house. Ms. Wang Wei Zhen, owner of the building and mother-in-law of the gang leader, said there was no reason for the truth about the murder needed for the buyers.

Loss of a 5 billion deposit to buy a house after discovering the truth cold people
The villa was repainted and numbered again after the murder.

Shao Feng Yun initially intends to buy a villa for $ 4.6 million. When Shao no longer bought, the house was sold to other customers. The buyer of the house was informed of the killing on the front door. Currently, the house has a price of $ 11.2 million.

Before the murder, Juan Hong Chao lived in the building with his wife Yuan Gui Ying and two children with his mother-in-law and son of his mother-in-law. On the night of November 3, 2007, Juan was shot at the gate. The victim's 10-year-old daughter called for an ambulance, but her father did not escape. Since then, the killer is still unknown.

According to Shao, she agreed to buy the property in 2009, but she did not know anything about the murder. The owner said he wanted to sell the house, as his daughter Huang transferred the school.

The wife of Huang and Wang did not tell the truth about Shao about her transfer. The reason given by the private school where the daughter of the victim learns requires that this girl be transferred to another school after the murder had taken place because of concerns about the safety of the other students.

Loss of a 5 billion deposit to buy a house after discovering the truth cold people
At first the villa was painted yellow, because Huang's death was painted in beige and rebuilt.

Shao's lawyer said: "The truth is that a person living in a house and a relative of a murdered person poses a threat to our client." The deceased is said to be one of the leaders. "The notorious gang in Vancouver and the killer are obviously not made by anyone who buys a home in danger" .

The trial judge initially explained that the transferor's daughter was calculated to hide Huang's death in order to sell the house.
However, during the trial on April 24, 2019, Judge Mary Newbury ruled, the daughter of the daughter of the host's daughter did not make the unfortunate decision, the family may not have moved. The judge also claims from Shao's lawyer that the vendor should reveal the murder. The judge conducting the murder does not affect the quality or usefulness of the house.

Tố Quyên (According to the South China Morning Post)

The incredible scene of the cold people in the city villa hundreds of millions of dollars "width =" 145 "height =" 101

An incredibly cold scene in the city has seen hundreds of millions of dollars

– Many years, many villas are abandoned by the sun and rain and grass grows in the house, ruined space.

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