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Losing danger, Chelsea bought the 24-hour blockbuster of Barça Football

Saturday, April 27, 2019 00:07 (GMT + 7)

Eden Hazas is on the way out of Chelsea. So, the gap left by the Belgian star at Stamford Bridge, who will be a substitute?

Coutinho's performance in the 2018/19 season

Coutinho exits the camp Nou

Many towers may recall how early on April 17, Philip Coutinho challenged. 61 minutes from the big battle between Barcelona and MU in Camp Nou, Coutinho started a wonderful long shot, completely defeated by David de Gea. The goal of the Brazilian star also set the score 3-0, officially helping Barca to be in the semifinals of the Champions League in 2018/19.

Super Transfer: Losing Hazard, Chelsea Buy & # 34; blockbuster & # 34; Barca - 1

Coutinho scored against Manchester United

Super Transfer: Losing Hazard, Chelsea Buy & # 34; blockbuster & # 34; Barca - 2

Then glorify it in a way that inflates the brick

However, the celebration of this star worth 165 million makes the angry of BDA and Barcelona angry. Instead of having to entertain with his team-mates and nearly 8,000 towers covering the Nou Camp, Coutinho ran to domestic fans and took two hands to cover his ears. Coutinho's message is very clear: He reacts to Barca fans who have criticized the poor form of the player over time.

None of Barcelona's players, even if it was Messi or Neymar, dared to take on the action that Coutinho did. And it is also the clearest sign that Coutinho is ready to teach Neymar, leaving Barca in a boos.

Barcelona gave Coutinho excellent trophies, which he was not five years old in Liverpool. But to be fair, Coutinho is rarely happy at the Camp Nou, and fans never saw the boom of Coutinho, as he did with Liverpool.

And so, many big teams plan to steal Philip Coutinho from the Nou Camp, including two major English teams, MU and Chelsea. At one point, the "red devil" was the main candidate for the next stop of the Brazilian star, but not for the present. Chelsea have a great chance to win the Champions League next season, and if that happens, the West London team will have an important plus in terms of the MU.

Chelsea over Manchester United, "go night" to buy Coutinho?

In Barcelona, ​​Philip Coutinho is not the core of the show. But with Chelsea, a "blockbuster" of 165m euros is provided. Because Chelsea needs a superstar to replace Eden Hazard – who left Real Madrid.

Super Transfer: Losing Hazard, Chelsea Buy & # 34; blockbuster & # 34; Barca - 3

Danger goes, Chelsea bought Coutinho instead?

According to Daily Mail, Roman Abramovich "the emperor" is ready to cut his purse to persuade Barca to sell Coutinho. However, Chelsea must do more to hold Coutinho. The Stamford Bridge owner is banned from switching over the next 1 year, starting in the summer of the 2019 market due to errors related to the transfer of players under 18 years of age.

To circumvent the law, Chelsea plans to appeal to the Sports Court (CAS). It takes several months for CSA to make the final decision to see if FIFA's punishment for Chelsea was reasonable. This is exactly how Barcelona made in the summer of 2014.

At that time, the Catalan people appealed to the Sports Court to postpone the decision to ban the transfer of FIFA. And at that time, Barsa spent 165 million euros, bought 9 rookies, including stars Luis Suarez, Ivan Rakitich, Mark-André Tereg Steven … And this is an open premise. The high tone of the army under Luis Enrique in the 2014/2014 season / 15.

Now Chelsea learns from Barcelona to buy the superstar of Barcelona. Chelsea is expected to use all the funds from the deal with Eden Hazard to attract Philippe Coutinho. This promises to be a great revolution in the team's team in West London.

Conspiracy theory: Chelsea - Arsenal

The current context can be considered as good for Arsenal and Chelsea, but for MU difficult.

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