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Kong Zhong, Kwang Hai and optimistic smiles before Indonesia war

Since 2007, the Vietnamese team has never beaten Indonesia on a visit. However, history can change when teachers and students of Park Jango-march march to Bali, with an extremely confident and optimistic spirit of play, following the glorious achievements achieved over 2 years. past

Ahead of the big battle between Indonesia and Vietnam at 6:30 pm on October 15, the wonderful moments of Park Jango-seo teachers and students were captured with the recently launched Realme Pro 5.

No one expected Kon Yong to be disgusted, especially coach Park Yang-se, and the fact that he unexpectedly allowed him to respond to the press on the afternoon of October 13 showed that the Vietnamese striker was still optimistic ahead of the match against Indonesia. Called a surprise because by the time King Zhong and Van Yu returned from Europe, coach Park Yang-seo often isolated both students from the media's attention to avoid creating more pressure. However, the South Korean leader suddenly appointed Kong Zhong to respond to the press at a training session in Bali on the afternoon of October 13, and it was the Stern Truidens WWE striker who also expressed optimism that was rarely shared. with the media.

Since the opening match of Group D of the second qualifying round of the 2022 Asian Cup in Asia, Kong Zhong has not scored a goal for Vietnam. If calculated in 2019, the striker playing in the Belgian national championship for the club Sint Truidens V has not scored a goal for Vietnam since January 20, the time when Kong Zhong hit the net with Jordan, contributing to the teacher. Coach Park Young-s for the first time in the Asian Cup Quarterfinal 2019. From the day he moved to the Blue Truiden BV in the national championship in Belgium, Kong Zhong has not played the game often. Therefore, when confronted with Malaysia, many people were surprised when Mr. Park gave Kong Huong a major blow. Unfortunately, after 63 minutes on the pitch, Kon Zhong did not show much before the close instruction of the Malaysian central defenders.

Responding to the press yesterday afternoon, the 1995-born striker frankly admitted that his performance was not good because he did not play regularly. However, Kong Zhong also expressed determination to help the Vietnamese team win all 3 points in Indonesia: “At the moment, I don't play much in the club, so my performance is relatively alone. The team set the highest goal, although there were some difficulties moving, the team learned the strengths and weaknesses of Indonesia in the last match in which I coached in the highest position. I feel that I didn't perform well. "

Despite many public opinions about the malfunctioning Cong Phuong, coach Park Young-seo always believes in students. "Kong Zhong is a necessary position in the Vietnamese team," the Korean military manager said happily as he left the bus to move to training ground.

Bui Tien Dang, Yam Duk Hui, Nguyen Shu Tuan and Nguyen Kwang Hai were quite optimistic before the great war with Indonesia. In particular, it was Kwang Hai who scored the only goal that helped Vietnam beat Malaysia in the previous match.

Dong Van Lam, Kve Ngok Hai or Nguyen Jong Yong Dai are all quality choices for Vietnam right now. The good form of the players in this defense helps the Vietnamese team feel confident against Indonesia, which receives enthusiastic support from around 18,000 spectators in the next match.

The happiest is in Tuan An, when this talented midfielder could not be present because Park Yan-seo wants him to recover to prepare for the more important matches in November. Tuan Anh still goes out with teammates, but only participates in relaxation exercises

Everyone is ready for the big battle with Indonesia, the team that, according to Park Jango-seo coach, has called for 5 naturalized players hoping to score 3 points ahead of Vietnam.

Duk, Van Thun, Kwang Hai or Jung Dang are ready for the task of drilling down Indonesia's defense during the night of October 15

Twelve years since the last time they overcame Indonesia, Vietnam does not know the smell of victory. However, history can change when Park Jango's teachers and students are ready for the 3-point goal.

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