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Kicking and lamenting, Kopp's female idol once admitted to lying and cheating 20 billion dongs, Kenneth suspecting hidden love

Not so long ago, a former Crayon Pop – Elaine member was suddenly caught up in a scandal involving "love for cheating", sparking a stir in the online community. Specifically, one man (A) suddenly made a shocking claim: he deceived the female idol B.C. (who performed the live stream to communicate online with the audience). 1 Billion Wins (Nearly 20 Billion WNs) Elin immediately fell into the spotlight because of the similarities to the female character mentioned in the information above.

Elin quickly confirmed that it was the female character that appeared in the love story, but confirmed that she was a victim. Shortly thereafter, A confronts Elaine, claiming that she is just breaking through. When the war between the two sides did not end, in the most recent broadcast, BJ Elin suddenly admitted all the faults in the "love trick" scandal.

Blushing and crying, Kopp's female idol once admitted to lying and cheating 20 billion dong - Figure 1.

former member Crayon Pop admitted he was lying in the scandal "to cheat billions of wins."

Through the broadcast, Elaine said: "Victim A gave me the opportunity to apologize for a month, but I was stubborn. I wanted to continue my broadcast, so I responded with lies. hurry. I'm sorry. "

Former member Crayon Pop continued: "I am really sorry that I only made things worse because of my selfishness. I personally apologized to A and I accepted the apology. We agree to agree that we will refrain from creating further conflict that will be detrimental to both parties. "

Blushing and crying, Kopp's female idol was once bred to lie and cheat 20 billion dong - Figure 2.

Elaine apologized grossly to the audience during the broadcast.

In the end, Elaine dismissed the rumor of "double fishing" while on a "love trick" case. "The rumor that I had a boyfriend at the time was wrong. I broke up early before starting my career in BiH. Even knowing that because of a mistake, people may no longer trust me. But this is absolutely true."

According to A, previously shared, he "roasted" 1 billion won (about 20 billion VND) for Elaine because they thought they were actually friends. Specifically, A revealed that he spent 700 million won (about 14 billion VND) on "balloons" (virtual currency on the TV platform Afreka) in support of Elin. In addition, this man also spent 300 million won (about VND 6 billion) on valuable gifts such as necklaces, shoes, branded bags and other travel expenses to please female B.

With grief and regret, Kopp's female idol once committed to lying and cheating 20 billion VND - Figure 3.

Man A was deceived by a huge amount of money because he believed he was really hanging out with hot BJ.

After publicly admitting to lying, Elaine received many "bricks and stones" from the public. Most criticized and resented the deceptive activities of this popular girl BJ.

[+2,689, -84] So they will return 1 billion won, right?

[+2,446, -47] I know she's lying and doesn't even want to give up on this live work.

[+2,384, -54] In fact, things would not be "torn to pieces" if she agreed to return the money immediately. In my opinion, she thought that getting money was not a big deal, but now it's really a big deal. She must return that money.

[+274, -1] The only reason Elin immediately apologized is because the man threatened to expose her. He found that bigger things were waiting. In essence, it is like an onion with many layers to peel and expose. The man also talked about suing her, but he would not do so because he could easily spend millions hiring reputable law firms in Korea, while she would likely go bankrupt if she deliberately retaliated. .

[+222, -1] Surely this man has something to make her apologize immediately.

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