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Infinite War "and the leader of Cree in the clan

The fact that each country has a different version of the trailer to fit the tastes of the audience is very normal. But whether or not the fan with an eye is able to see the difference is another matter. Number is a trailer Captain Marvel (Marvel Captain) Russia has a few seconds longer than the international version. In it, fans quickly detail Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) Do not overwhelm the naughty prank pager for Carol Danvers (Bree Larson).

Details were taken out by a fan from a Russian trailer.

Before the two executed the task, she grabbed the device so that it could concentrate more. This is the details that connect directly to the end of Avengers: Infinity War last year when two pagers were identical. From here, the question is why Nick Fury is capable of sending messages to superheroes only through a normal machine and where he is in battles since the time Iron Man (2008) so far? Perhaps a pager will later be upgraded with the technology of good Cree Captain Marvel In fact, there is always somewhere in the timeframe?

Fan has discovered the eyes of two notable Marvel Marvel incidents involving Avenges: Infinity War and Crea's clan leader - Photo 2.

Following is the division of Twitter from a fan of the plot of the series.

In addition, one more detail that fans have just demonstrated is the identity of Craig's leader in the clan. In the original text, the Supreme Intelligence Service has the form of a huge head that floats in space and is utterly evil. Earlier, fans speculated that Kre's scientist who played Annette Bening was in fact Supreme Intelligence. And the series of comics confirmed the details above.

Fan revealed the eyes of two significant incidents of Marvel Marvel, which include Avenges: Infinity War and Crea's leader in the clan - Photo 3.

Is this version of Mar-Vell MCU?

In the story, Captain Marvel lost all his memories and called it Vers Kree Vers. During the operation, Supreme Intelligence shifted part of its superpower. This section partly explains the origin of the powerful power of Carol Danvers. Most likely, Annette Benning's character is Maru V-Marvel from MCU (Marvel Cinema Universe) as a transcendental role for Carol. Given that Marvel had collected Hella and Death as a Hela character in Thor: Ragnarok, played by Cate Blanchett, the theory is quite reasonable.

Despite the basics, the evidence is still quite vague and can be answered only when the film was released only on March 8.

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