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Incredibly, this world-famous female star also had to "live in fear" for 10 years of childhood with her poisonous stepfather.

Painful memories of Sally Field on childhood

Sally Field (1946) – full name is Sally Margaret Field, she was born and raised in Pasadena, California. Sally began her acting career at the age of 19. She was known immediately after the first films she participated in, such as: Gidget (1965 – 1966), Flying Nuns (1967-1970), …

Not so happy as many other families, Sally's parents divorced when she was only 4 years old. After her mother had been reunited with actor Jock Mahoney, Sally's nightmare began.

In the "In Pieces" melody, she mentioned the secrets she hiding for many years: good dates or the fact that she had to secretly go to abortion at the age of 17 and the worst of all. She was sexually abused by her stepfather from age four until her 14 years of age.

Incredibly, this world-famous female star also had to

In an interview on sexual harassment since her stepfather, she said she felt hopeless, fearing not seeking help.

Sally said: "When she came and raised me, I just felt scared because she was so big and fierce and I was small and shy. I looked at my mother, I wanted her to embrace me so that I could feel safe.

But, to please him, my mother wanted me to be happy. I tried to think that he too must love me, but in my heart I wanted to explode with terror. At that time I was only 7 or 8 years old, so it was too much for me to endure.

In my life, there are always two things that go together: love and fear. Although these feelings have helped me to thrive in my career, I still want to remove them. And, finally, I am 72 years old, I got rid of those things. "

Incredibly, this world-famous female star also had to

Perhaps she was called to the chamber of her stepfather and did vulgar things for many years, created a shadow in Sally's soul and locked herself in the room. But then, too, she said to herself out of that room, because there was no fear, sorrow, or rage. And part of Sally said he would overcome those things.

Finally, Sally ended this fear at the age of 14: "I can not expect my mother to protect me because she is drunk all day." – she wrote in such a book.

Incredibly, this world-famous female star also had to

But sexual abuse continued in her life of the men to whom they were dated, and as a result she, after falling over Sally, became stronger.

Overcoming the shadow of the past, printed from a glorious career

Leaving behind the obsession of adolescence behind him, Sally tried his own cinema. Past stumbling blocks, Sally trains her acting skills and quickly succeeds in the first films. After the success of Gidget (1965-1966), The Flying Nun (1967-1970), Sally continued to take on leading roles in TV comedies such as the Girl with Something Extra (1973-1974), Alias ​​Smith and Jones, a nightclub. ..

Because Sally plays mostly comic roles, Sally has several difficulties playing a starring. Refusing to retire, Sally attended the famous actor's teacher Li Strasberg, who greatly helped Marilyn Monroe when he began his career. Shortly thereafter, Sally starred in the movie Sibyl, the role of a person with multiple personalities. This role not only awarded the Sally Award for Emmy (1977), but also helped to overcome the role of an actor who could only act lightly.

Her subsequent roles were impressed by the audience, as well as film critics, so she gave her numerous awards, including the Best Actress Award. at film festivals in Cannes and Oscars.

Incredibly, this world-famous female star also had to

In addition, the actress also participated in the soundtrack and released many singles, one of them on the Billboard Hot 100 list. Sally can be said to be an extremely talented artist.

Not only that, Sally Field also actively advocated feminism. She recently joined the Board of Directors of Vital Glas Global Partnership, an international non-governmental women's organization, and together led the awards for global leaders 6 times.

Incredibly, this world-famous female star also had to

Now at the age of 72 – close to heaven, Sally Field looks very fresh and happy. After the release of her memoirs, many felt impressed with Sally, because she was extremely strong and independent, surpassed all the difficulties in the past, and then shone, became an artist. Everyone respects and adores him.

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