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Illegally exploiting thousands of cubic meters of peat, one company was fined 120 million denars

According to the Decision no. 596, although Hui Hien is still not licensed by any authority, has collected machines in the area of ​​the village of Lang Langh, Dhaka Hoa, Duck Dream County, and apparently used vessels. and trucks for the third mining with large quantities.

The state of illegal exploitation of soil mud was discovered by the National Committee Oak Hoa from March 2017 and made a report on administrative offenses. In addition, the site also sent 3 reports and a petition from the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and the Dhaka Song District National Committee to take action to deal with, but the above-mentioned activities are still occurring.

Illegally exploiting thousands of cubic meters of peat, one company was fined 120 million denars - 1
Illegal activities for the production of peat in Dak Song

According to Mr. Tran Chont, chairman of the Dako National Committee, at the end of March 2019, before the situation of sudden and wild exploitation, the site sent the cadastre and the police to check, but when Everywhere, they were prevented and even threatened from strange objects. Then the site reported in the processing area.

Also, according to the report of this site, the area for collecting mud is divided into two yards with nearly 1,000 m3. The two plots of land did not receive the right to use the land.

Responding to a question whether the handover and preservation of the mining in the area, or not, the District People's Committee leader Dhang Song said he directed the commune to stand up and coordinate with the police for the blockade. on the stage. Regarding the question whether or not this district official has told whether or not, the site will examine it to clarify and act according to the regulations.

"The area has given the municipality responsibility for preventing and recent sanctioning the administration of a young man for mining in this area," he said.

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